With 0.09% share, iPhone rules web usage on mobile phones

Users of the Apple’s handset surf the web more than any other device owners. According to ComputerWorld, iPhone’s Safari has grabbed a 0.09% share, which might not seem like much but when you put it in perspective – it actually is.

web usage on mobiles

Apparently, web browsing on any Windows Mobile powered device accounts for only 0.06%, while web usage on Danger OS (Sidekick/Hiptop) and Symbian S60 based devices holds 0.02 and 0.01 percent respectively.

As far as I’ve understood, these are the numbers for the U.S. as I guess Nokia certainly holds a more significant share in Europe. Still, kudos to Apple…

[Via: Valleywag]

  • Richard

    I use Opera Mini on a Nokia N80. Are these stats based on the WebBrowser Used? or the OS? I know a lot of Nokia users use Opera Mini as the browser bundled with most Nokia’s isn’t the best.

  • Richard

    Wow reading main article it looks like it’s based on the OS rather than the browser. The data package that comes with the Iphone does give it a massive advantage over other mobiles. Would be intresting to get same stats for Europe any ideas where they might be?

  • Will Park

    Actually, O2’s problems are likely related to their network. We speculated (http://www.intomobile.com/2007/11/28/o2-iphone-having-receptionsignal-problems-in-the-uk.html) that it might have to do with the carrier’s inability to make it’s 900Mhz band work with the iPhone. Seeing as how reception issues have been largely reported for INDOOR environments (where higher frequency bands have hard times penetrating) and the fact that iPhones in the rest of the world are not experiencing these problems, it makes sense that the problem lies with O2, not the iPhone, as you make it out to be.

    Also, the iPhone failed to meet O2’s expectations, we already mentioned the iPhone’s “laggard” UK sales(http://www.intomobile.com/2007/11/28/apple-facing-laggard-o2-iphone-sales-in-uk.html), but the real reason for the lagging sales may have more to do with the fact that Brits are averse to paying more than a few pounds for a new phone with new contract. 😎

  • Chris P

    Guys, can you not add in the country that these stats are from in the title? I suspect a lot of your readers arent from the US.

    Id say that these stats are hardly a suprise, I doubt many people in the states used their mobiles to look at the internet pre iphone because of the lack of 3g phones. The iphone has created a niceh because its browsing experience is that much better than the mainstream handsets available in the states, also apples Marketing muscle most likely has opened the general public’s eyes to the internet on a mobile.

    (Sorry this probably doesnt make uch sense, gonna hit the sack now!)

  • On a slightly different note, I also read somewhere recently that of all Online sales of smart phones via mobile (i.e sales generated via.mobile internet) iPhone has over 50% share. Although this was for the US market, it is astonishing nevertheless.

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