Apple iPhone outsells LG Prada, HTC Touch, Nokia N95 in Europe

iPhone sales incredible and outselling Nokia N95 in EuropeIf there’s one thing that gets people riled up more than details on how well the iPhone is selling, it’s news that the iPhone is out-selling the Nokia N95 in Europe. The iPhone clearly outsells these handsets in the US, but Europe has been regarded as a reluctant market for the iPhone, given it’s lack of critical hardware features.

We previously mentioned that the iPhone has shown disappointing sales figures in the UK, but it seems that even “laggard” iPhones sales on UK’s O2 network are still outselling rivals. In fact, all three European markets are reportedly seeing sales of the iPhone outpacing those of its closest, and highly subsidized, competitors – a group that includes the HTC Touch, LG Prada, Nokia N95, and Nokia’s E-Series handsets. Michael Abramsky, an analyst with RBC Capital, is reporting that iPhone sales in the UK, Germany and France have proven strong. He notes “solid European iPhone momentum,” adding that the “iPhone appears to be an early hit with European Smartphone consumers.” Despite selling only 10,000 iPhones on launch day, many of T-Mobile’s 700 German retail stores are reporting 15-20 iPhone sales per week. France’s Orange Wireless, by far the iPhone’s strongest EU market, has reported that approximately 63,000 customers have registered their interest in the iPhone, with reports of some Orange stores running out of iPhone-stock.

Most notably, and sure to draw the ire of Nokia fans (especially those with Nokia N95’s – the author excluded), the iPhone has been outselling the feature-packed Nokia N95 in Europe – which has sold 1 million handsets since its launch in March (not a sluggish seller, to be sure). Keep in mind that the iPhone is still only available in three European markets (at least officially) and has largely been sold on-contract and locked to a particular carrier.

All these factors led Mr. Abramsky to raise his previous forecast for Apple to sell 12.1 million iPhones in 2008 to a new target of 12.5 million iPhones – higher still than Apple’s own goal of 10 million iPhones.

And, this is all before the next-generation iPhone, with 3G in tow, has been officially announced (brain-farts from AT&T CEOs excepted). We have to believe that Apple had forecasted sales performance in this range, and has purposely kept details on the 3G iPhone under tight-wraps in an effort to curb cannibalization of current-generation iPhones.

[Via: Tech Trader Daily]

  • jonnybruha

    I’m not seeing any numbers, and the article didn’t say anything about the Euro iPhone sales surpassing the total Euro N95 sales. I call shens. This sounds like a projected analysis more than anything with raw data.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ll gladly lay down my smartphone to the powers that be if the iPhone truly does outsell the N95 in Europe, (as it seems like it will eventually anyway), but I don’t think it’s happened already.

  • jonnybruha

    Oh, nevermind. I didn’t read it correctly. It’s outsellING the competition currently, or it would appear to be based on initial reports. That makes sense, but it has no bearing on total units sold, and thus the iPhone has NOT outsold the competition in Europe…yet.

  • Chris P

    1. Where are figures?
    2. Where has this data come from? (Apple!?)
    3. Over what period was this data taken? (ie if its taken from launch week, the figures will be highly skewed due to the ‘burst’ of sales at launch.

    The article mentions “He says the phone outselling some competitive smartphones at O2, Orange and T-Mobile stores, including the Nokia (NOK) N95 and E-Series, the Samsung Blackjack, LG PRada and HTC Touch and Herald.”#

    If the figures are from say o2 (which they could be), I could see why the iphone is outselling the N95 8Gb..because the 8Gb isnt sold on o2! And the N95-1 is an old model.

    Its a pretty unfounded article – I’d like to see some hard facts and figures really.

  • newtype2011

    (sigh) This is sad.

    The prada and the Touch I can understand, but the N95!

    I personally attribute this only to the fact that the N95 has been on the market for quite some time now, and it was not perfect when it was first released.

    Also, those companies mentioned (that were beaten in sales), including Nokia, need to get their marketing butts in gear.

    Even my parents know what an Iphone is…

  • Andrew

    The N95’s been out for nearly a year and anyone with common sense will be waiting for an N82. Everyone else is buying iPhones.

  • Roy

    This Michael Abramsky, an analyst with RBC Capital ARE A BIG JOKE , In all serious business magazines in Europe they report that iPhone have fail complete , they have diffcult to sale more then 100 devies per day.With many thousand staff people.

    N95 still sale enormous much more then Iphone

  • Tony

    In France they have not sale more then 30000 devies and the sale have drop big evry day after lanuch,
    In England in 3 weeks round 20000 with droping sale In German the same as France and England.

    Its real hard to sale iphone because the other gives so much more and better devices like Nokia with 3,5Turbo 5MP kamera, Video,GPS I can continue for long time but now i need a beer.

  • Mr-G

    Eaxtly, it’s outsellING. These devices have been available for ages but the iphone is still less than 2 months old in these countries!

    I also agree that Nokia should start advertising their phones in a better way!

  • Chris P

    Damn I wish intomobile had an edit option in ther comments section, each time I read back my comments I notice terrible grammar and it sometimes doesnt make sense! Ah well.

  • Chris P

    You see I even spelt ‘their’ wong in my last comment – I am lame. 😳

  • Chris

    Well on my own completely unscientific observations I have this to say.

    When the N95 was released I saw a lot of people with the phone straight away. Not just the odd person here and there. A significant amount.

    I have yet to see a single person using an iPhone or know of anyone who has one.

    I conclude it’s a failure.

  • Mark

    And the LG Viewty is selling more than the iPhone considering it shifted 310K units in just five weeks.

    Yet another example of tedious and misrepresentative ‘journalism’ I’m afraid – why compare the iPhone (which was launched in November) to devices that have been out for nearly a year and whose peak sales are behind them?

    Please try harder next time.

  • Mr-G

    Now, now, Mark!

    I think some of the writers at intomobile have taken enough of a telling off today for their iPhone related claims! 😆 No need to add more to the fire!

    …Actually, carry on as you see fit! 😆

  • sal

    I agree with jonnybruha.

    Th writer says
    “the iPhone has been outselling the feature-packed Nokia N95 in Europe – which has sold 1 million handsets since its launch in March”

    This article is dated 6th december stating 1 million sales on N95 but where? which country? Nokia reported 1 million sales of N95 in UK alone late November this yr. If u do a bit of research 4 million N95’s have already been sold globally.
    Last but not least, as a receptionist I regularly see ppl with N95’s almost everyday and have just seen one person with an iphone!!!

  • kelly

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  • Nikke

    The question is not whether iPhone outsells any individual products from competitors but whether it can take a considerable piece of the marketshare.

    In fact the device is now outdated if you compare other offerings with similar price. AND the mobile business is not about the US market which is by far less significant than China, India or Europe.

    A big question is when does Apple release the next BIG thing. Apple has only one choice over a wide variety of choices from major phone manufacturers.

    BTW a sad fact I discovered buying my first Apple computer two years ago was that the company is more about image than good quality…and that king of nerds Steve Jobs.

  • jenda

    i never believe that iphone outsells nokia. that is really impossible. the truth iphone is not selling anymore… the true statistics is : 20 out 1 has an iphone but n95 20 out of 10 to 15 has a n95. i rarely seen who has an iphone. i pitty that iphone because no one is buying. the O2 shop is always empty of people going in their shop. Poor O2 as well as iphone. n96 will surely hit again the market and will kick-off that iphone is sells and feautres. take note that every invidual says that iphone is very big and not really a cellphone type. it is not comfortable to put in your pants.

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