Change your iPhone’s SMS text message bubbles to a matte finish – iPhone Matte

We love the threaded SMS text messaging system on the iPhone. But, some of you may be getting a bit tired of the shiny-look and green/gray color scheme of the text-bubbles. Well, this one goes out to you.

Joshua Bryant has released his iPhone Matte to change the shiny-finish of the text-bubbles to a “matte” finish. iPhone Matte even gives you the option to change the color-scheme of your chat-bubbles – with 9 flashy colors to choose from. For what it’s worth, the color choices give new life to the iPhone’s chat bubbles, but we’re not fans of the matte finish.

iPhone Matte customizes your iPhone sms chat bubbles


  • Ashbo

    where do i get the program or how do i do it to my iphone ?

  • Taiquincia

    where do i download the program from can u explain it better

  • Taiquincia

    Wht is iPhone matte and into mobile where do I find Dat at that is the question I’m askin

  • Taiquincia

    Wht is into mobile and iPhone matte is there a link we r suppose to b lookin for r somethin?

  • Gerry

    Where do you get this?

  • J

    Ummm… hello? You guys are MORONS. You get the software by clicking the link. Click on
    the name “Joshua Bryant” in the article above.


    • ashley

      that just brings me to a web cite but idk where to go from there, there is nothing to click on
      help me?

  • J

    NONE of the links work…

  • W

    That dude just show off, doesn’t want to help you guys

  • Chanel

    He does want to help you guys. Click on the source link and there should be a download link where it leads you.

    Thanks for the different colors, by the way! 🙂

    • kk

      i am so confused is it on my iphone, or my computer, and how does it work!! im so confused please help!!

  • KC-foo

    Ok downloaded. then what? the read-me says to "SSH" into your phone….?? What is that?!

  • tashh

    It doesn’t even work, why would he do that.

  • Lizzy

    Clicked on “source” and “Joshua Bryant”, but the links don’t seem to be working. 😛
    I, too, am getting tired of the shiny-looking text bubbles.
    I’m using the iPhone 4, so it’s green and white.
    And I hate green. So much. = A =;
    /is not a big fan of nature

  • Bribattista

    what is the app callled

  • Johnhancock

    I was really exited for this but the link doesn’t work 🙁 anyone tryin to fix that?

  • Johnhancock

    I was really exited for this but the link doesn’t work 🙁 anyone tryin to fix that?

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