Brief: Forget about network neutrality in your house, what about in your pocket? *UPDATE*

Business Week has an article highlighting the plight of innovative companies like Rebtel Networks who American operators block. Recently this year we saw Truphone in the UK win a battle against TMobile, will a similar court case be fought here in the states? The iPhone woke up a country of people who thought mobile phones were just for text and voice, it will only be a matter of time until a popular service (torrents on mobile phones?) gets released and one of the 4 popular operators refuses to support it and chaos will ensue.

Update: It’s all over Techmeme, people can’t use Twitter on TMobile and they’re outraged. The revolution has begun.

  • Chris P

    Symtorrent works over LAN on S60 devices, but not on my Tmobile connection, perhaps they are blocking it alrady? (Then again it could be the Symtorrent coding, its not the best). Then again Symella works a dream on Tmobile web and walk (p2p but not torrent). Piracy by mobile is still possible!

  • brad ceo

    What some info on the NOKIA E90 for a change and not so much info the Nokia n95.

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