XE Mobile goes bye-bye – another MVNO goes belly up

XE Mobile announces they

Following in the footsteps of larger MVNOs before it, XE Mobile has just announced that it will be turning off its AT&T-leased network on December 31. XE Mobile offered college students cheap prepaid plans on cheap GSM phones, but apparently didn’t get enough cash-strapped college-students to jump on-board their sinking ship.

We can’t say we’re going to miss another MVNO, nor can we say that we didn’t say this wouldn’t happen. But, it looks like the MVNO wave is crashing hard. We hope it was fun while it lastest. Nice to (kind of) know you, XE Mobile.

[Via: PhoneScoop]

  • j

    I had an account. I put 50 dollars in it. I didn’t use it up in one month. Where did the rest of my credit go? So I complained, I was on hold for at lest 40 minutes. There goes my time and money. They seriously had poor customer service.

  • vannetta

    xe mobile sent me another chip and they told me i can use it they lied they have it to u can leave a message some one is surppose to call u back they never call

  • shawn

    i just bought this phone from someone i did not know they were canceling the xe mobile i like the phone so what am i gonna do!

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