BMW working together with Apple on new iDrive system?

BMW’s iDrive control system is incredibly complex and enabling. While it enables you to control virtually every aspect of your iDrive-equipped BMW through a series of twists and pushes on the iDrive controller-knob, the system’s inherent complexity has drawn the ire of almost every automotive reviewer on the planet. BMW knows tech, but they just don’t know how to make it simple to use.

So, this latest rumor about BMW ditching iDrive in favor of an Apple-designed control interface makes a lot of sense. Apple is well known for designing the most intuitive interfaces that are still able to control fairly complex actions. Moreover, Apple is great at simplifying the most complex actions into a handful of intuitive control-gestures – exactly what BMW’s iDrive system needs. Wouldn’t it be amazing if your car’s media controls, environmental controls, communication settings, and even operational options (like pathway lighting and day-time running lights) could be controlled with the ease of an iPod (or iPhone)?

BMW taps Apple to design next iDrive control interface?

The car is just about the most expensive and one of the more complex gadgets you’ll ever own, so it stands to reason that your car’s interface become almost, if not just as, easy to operate as an iPod.

AutoSpies’s internal sources are indicating that BMW may very well implement an Apple-style control system soon – possibly with the next-gen 7-series. While BMW might not be integrating the iPhone into the car as Land Rover did with their LRX concept, an Apple-esque user interface (it’s all about the UI) would be a much welcomed change.

We’ll keep an eye on BMW’s latest developments for you guys. Stay tuned.

[Via: AutoSpies]

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