Cellware.com – mobile social network where users, content creators benefit

Recently I’ve stumbled upon Cellware.com and was immediately amazed how it works. It’s a service that adds a new twist to the mobile social networks. Basically, like for instance Nokia’s MOSH, Cellware.com allows users to share mobile content, but also adds a benefit to the content creators allowing them to actually make some money along the way. In addition, they’re providing their members with “fun and easy to use” tools to help them make mobile content, and again, monetize it.


As you’ve probably guessed, they’ll be making their money from advertising, which is not that surprising considering that Cellware.com was created by Advertising.com’s co-founder, John Ferber.

Finally, as with most services we see nowadays, Cellware.com is still in beta, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find any content there. Right from the start, they’ve managed get few of the content producing companies on board, including Alliance, Arphiola, Norstar Media, NO GOOD TV, Go Music Network, Oddcast, Selectracks, SoundIdeas, 4info, and Hanaho Games…

  • karen

    I been trying to get ring tones onto my phone using the cell ware site but I don’t have a clue how!!! I guess this new tecnology isn’t for me or these just need instructions for idiots. :

  • lisa

    👿 im trying to get ringtones on my phone and its telling me to sign up where to i sign up at on my phone web ?

  • citygirlindy

    I wish there was a diff way the ringtones were routed to nextel smartfones I930, so they can download straight into the ringtones.

  • James

    Cellware.com sucks, I can’t get anything to work on that site, my downloads never come.. I have signed up twice and still nothing.

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