iPhone as webcam – iPhoneCam turns your iPhone into a wireless Mac webcam

iPhone as webcam - iPhoneCam turns your iPhone into a wireless Mac webcam

If you’re already a Mac-user, chances are you already have a built-in iSight camera to do all the web-cam legwork for you. But, if the “cool factor” of having a built-in webcam on your MacBook Pro’s display bezel has started to wear, there’s good news. Mac/iPhone developer Ecamm has released a sneak-peak of their new iPhoneCam application for the, well, iPhone.

The application leverages your iPhone’s camera to stream video, via WiFi, to your Mac machine. The video stream can be used in iChat, Skype, PhotoBooth, basically any Mac video application.

Now, unless you have incredible muscle tone or a handy-dandy iPhone-stand, we envision some serious deltoid-cramping in store for anyone trying to use iPhoneCam for an extended video chat session. Still, we gotta give kudos to Ecamm for this super-cool app. Now, let’s get video recording on the iPhone, shall we?

Check out a video of the iPhoneCam demo here.

[Via: TUAW]

  • Tom

    That is effing brilliant! I can’t wait to try it 😀
    It’s going to be free right? ….right?

  • Obaid Abdul Marof

    Will it be for jailbreaked version of iPhone or for the official one?

  • anfo

    does anyone have the sourcecode for iphonecam or similar video streaming application?

  • TReLL

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  • Sokleap

    Dear all of you,

    i used iphone 3G 16GB,i can use skype but can not use webcam,so i would like all of you help me,

    thank you somuch,

    best regards,,


    Email: sokleap190210@hotmail.com

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