Nokia to purchase Trolltech for $150 million


Trolltech, a Norweign company that specializes in cross platform frameworks, is in talks to be bough out by Nokia for around $150 million. Nokia plans to use the newly acquired talent to reduce development cycles and redundancy. Take the contact list for example, currently the S40 and S60 guys have to write separate versions of an application that essentially does the same thing. Some may argue that the contact list program on S40 does more than the same application on S60; regardless now this application can be written once and compiled for both S40 and S60 therefore giving Nokia more time to work on bringing more services and better software out. With the Trolltech purchase Nokia hopes to use the Qt framework to bring all the current platforms together, including Maemo, and to make the desktop Ovi experience as seamless as possible.

No time tables have been given for when this will actually occur and no word has been given about whether or not Nokia plans to build a mobile phone that utilizes Trolltech’s Qtopia platform. 2008 looks to be more interesting by the minute.

[Via: Nokia Press Release, All About Symbian, Internet News]

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    thanks for the link, i didn’t really think about it like that.

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