MIT to teach students how to make apps for Google Android

MIT to teach students how to make apps for Google Android

Even though we still wait to see first tangible results from the Open Handset Alliance, that doesn’t stop MIT to partner with Google and offer its student Android based software development class. Google folks obviously have some strong connections — and have poured some serious cash, we might add — at the famous Institute, as despite other platforms like Windows Mobile and Symbian already holding a lion share of the smartphone market, this is the first phone based development course to be offered by the school.

According to MIT’s Andrew Yu, the class will be broken down into teams of 3 to 4 student each that will work on a project for the term. Mr. Yu added that projects will focus on a range of topics, such as those dealing with location based services.

The class starts on February 28th and already MIT invited 25 students to join it. Professor Hal Abelson will lead the class, which will also feature Rich Miner from Google, Dave Mitchell and Eric Carlson from ConnectedBit, and Rajeev Surati and Andrew Yu from MIT as additional instructors.

[Via: MobileBurn]

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