Mobistar to bring iPhone to Belgium?

iPhone coming to Mobistar Belgium?Well, if negotiations pan out, Belgium’s second-largest wireless operator could be poised to strike a deal with Apple. The end-game? To bring the iPhone to Belgium, of course.

Mobistar’s CEO stated that they could make an iPhone-deal with Apple this year.  However, the statement was tempered by the fact that Belgium just isn’t high on Apple’s priority list, and so a deal is not guaranteed.

We’ll give Mobistar, oh, say 10 months to get an iPhone deal together. That sounds about right.

[Via: Reuters]

  • Jerome

    Iused to libve in Belgium two years ago when I bought an IPHONE 3GS with a resonabel price. I still use it now and I am very satisfied. Bravo Mobistar, bravo belgian policy with respect to the mobile phone network dedvelopment!

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