• PlayerKill

    I don’t get the point of 3G phones with small screens and S40… Why would someone want that for web-browsing? Is Video Call that popular?

  • newtype2011


    Good points, but I think there is still reason to celebrate for us here in the states because it shows that Nokia is willing to cover all tiers of the market with a decent 3G phone. If this is the direction Nokia is going, I’m all for it.

    Also, Opera isn’t too bad for browsing, but I agree with you that it could get rather dull on such a small screen -

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    they need to get an S60 phone this cheap and in this form factor, then we’re talking.

  • Amit Goplani

    Sir i whether the front camera is only given as a show piece or it is working because whenever i start the camera there is no option for front camera. So please reply me…..

    • guest

      the front camera is for making a Video Call

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