Rogers Canada offers unlimited data plan – hints at possible iPhone arrival?

iPhone may be coming to Rogers CanadaWhile us Yankees have been enjoying the iPhone’s grace’s since day one (that is, launch day), our friends to the North have yet to get the iPhone to officially cross the border. There are likely innumerable unlocked iPhones surfing Rogers’ network, but no official deal has been struck between Apple and Rogers.

Rogers Canada is the only GSM network in Canada that is compatible with the iPhone. And, as such, Rogers’ lack of GSM competition has led to high data rates from the carrier. Many believe that the ridiculous data rates have been a major obstacle to bringing the iPhone to Canada.

Whereas iPhone rate plans through AT&T offer 450 anytime minutes, 5000 night and weekend minutes, and unlimited data for just $60 per month, a comparable iPhone plan would run $295 with Rogers.

Well, it looks like Rogers is changing their ways. As early as today, Rogers is expected to go live with a new data pricing structure that will give Canadian GSM-fans unlimited data for just $20 per month. The unlimited data plan, which Rogers is calling the “Communicate Value Pack,” has been speculated to signal Rogers’ preparation for the iPhone. This news follows on previous rumors that Rogers would launch the iPhone in January.

While others believe that the unlimited data plan pricing is a response from Canadian-rival Bell Canada’s $7 unlimited data plan for their HTC Touch, there is talk that Rogers is finally making some progress in getting the iPhone into Canadian territory. Keep your fingers crossed (if you’re in Canada)!

[Via: Apple Insider]

  • djordje

    This is crappy plan from rogers. We canadians get screwed again.
    Apparenly this plan will not work on unlocked phones(confirmed), pda (htc), bb. Only on rogers approved devices, with rogers browser. So you cant even freely browse, just what ever they give you(myspace, facebook, google search…).
    If you use Opera Mini you are screwed again.
    This all has been confirmed numerous times.

    And i got happy for nothing, as i was thinking about nice N95.

  • dtx

    It’s an unlimited “mobile browsing” plan for $7 a month. The $20 plan is a value pack that includes the $7 plan.
    Rogers does not offer an unlimited data plan that will work on smart phones or for tethering (unfortunately).

  • rofl

    rofl…. $7 unlimited web surfing on dated locked phones that were mainstream 5 years ago! sign me up! Better value than surfing on my Nokia E90 at 5 cents a KB i guess…. sigh

  • Zak

    Screw the iphone, BLACK N82 BABY!!!!!!!!

  • Paul


    this article is almost a month old and guess what, no official word at all.

    somebody out there, get a business plan that includes unlimited data, get a bank involved and get me the iphone.

  • san

    😯 i’m in total confusion. some people have gotten away with using the 7$ unlimited data on iphones here in canada… i’ve heard of it working on n95s as well… but then everywhere i look i also see people not being able to make use of it… whenever i speak to anybody in person, i hear stories of having no problems whatsoever. and then when i go online all the forums are full of people complaining that they’ve been gouged by rogers…? i assume that rogers is able to track imei numbers, but do the question is, for 6.whatever users, do they actually track everybody?!

  • Mike

    As Dtx mentioned before – 7$ is “mobile browsing” plan, which is different from data plan. With mobile browsing your phone communicates with Rogers servers and Rogers sends requests to web sites on your behalf, acting as proxy . Disaadvantages – limitation which sites you can go to and protocoles that you can use with your phone (eg. POP3 won’t work)

    As far as I know Rogers doesn’t have unlimited data plan, the best data plan that you can get 500MB per month for 200$

  • Ben

    From what I can tell, their unlimited browser allows you to browse freely on your cell phone. HOWEVER, you must use the included browser. According to a Fido rep, it does not allow for downloading to your cell, but my girlfriend never got charged for her downloads, so the rep was probably full of air.

    Currently Telus offers unlimited on smartphones for an extra $30 per month, and Bell offers unlimited on their cell phones for $7 per month.

  • E. Joseph

    According to Wikipedia, Rogers scrapped the unlimited plan in August 2008.

  • Marianq

    looking for unlimited data stick, pay as you go for area near Peterborough, Ontario… would like pay as you go but interested in all options.. any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Marianq

    See Marianq below, looking for internet access only for large documents.

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