Renesas became the world’s number 2 supplier of application processors practically overnight

logorenesas.gifTexas Instruments is a well known chipset supplier, Nokia uses them for most of their S60 based products and I’m sure you’ve heard the term OMAP at least once or twice with other handset makers. Renesas is a Japenese company that in the course of one year managed to increase revenues to $655 million for 2007 versus $159 million in 2006, that is a 318% jump. They’ve increased their marketshare from 4.8% in 2006 to 18.4% in 2007, that is 380%, again all of this in the process of 1 year.

“In a market that traditionally had been dominated by a single company, Texas Instruments, the emergence of a strong No.-2 in Renesas as well as the impressive growth of other companies speaks to the opportunities available in this area,” Sideco said. “Aside from the continuing need for stand-alone multimedia processing capability, the added competition also should spur innovation and potentially lower Average Selling Prices (ASPs), further driving growth.”

More competition = more innovation = consumers win!

[Via: JAMP]

  • smartfon rav

    Stefan! I cant believe – you still havent commented on the E71 showcased in the land of Oz!!

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    no new information was in that C|Net post from down under, i’ve already bloged the specifications and leaked photo ages ago.

  • Un fan

    Where is your daily Qik ? You’ve already give up ? And more important, where are your daily reports from MWC ? What have you done there ? Nothing ?

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    coming tomorrow, really long week, horrible connectivity.

  • Zak

    Im excited!

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