Sprint prepping $60 unlimited calling plans?

SprintFollowing on the heels of the unlimited calling plan announcements from the big-dogs in the US wireless landscape, we’re hearing on the grapevine that Sprint might be planning to undercut the industry with a super low-price unlimited wireless plan. Apparently, analysts are expecting Sprint to “offer flat-rate calling plans at up to a 40 percent discount to its rivals” – bringing unlimited wireless minutes into the $60 range for Sprint customers.  Can you say “price war?”

A $60 flat-rate calling plan from Sprint is definitely good for the consumer, but what about Sprint’s prospects as the No. 3 national carrier? Well, there is belief that a $60 unlimited plan could mean that “Additional downside in the shares likely exists if Sprint launches an unlimited plan for $60 per month — a real possibility given the current state of competition.” But, hey, if Sprint charges $60 for unlimited calling, Verizon and AT&T will likely have to follow suit – a win-win situation for customers.

[Via: Reuters]

  • jake

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  • yes indeed

    Yes, Indeed they are scam artists. I didn’t deal with jasmine but I did have dealings with John. DO NO TRUST!!!!

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