New S60 application from Google: Dedicated search


Rafe Blandford from All About Symbian just sent me an overly enthusiastic instant message to go and check out Google’s new dedicated search S60 client. From the screenshot above I was quite ecstatic that I now have the ability to Google straight from my S60 idle screen. After quickly installing it on my Nokia N82 I was let down since there is no idle screen plugin for my particular device (no E90 support either according to Steve Litchfield) and the value of having a dedicated Google application, to me at least, is zero due to the already awesome way the S60 browser handles bookmarks and URL autocompletion.

Granted, for the mass market (Rafe’s opinion, not mine) a “big Google icon makes its easy.” Not for me, but you may want to check it out if you’re bored at work or have a few spare minutes in the bathroom or while standing in a queue.

Just go to in your phone’s browser.

  • Richard

    Installed and working on an E90

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    no doubt the program works, but does the active idle plugin work like it does in the screenshot? that seems to be an N95 only feature.

  • Steve Litchfield

    I only meant it didn’t work on the E90’s cover phone, as there’s no edit key, like most recent S60 devices. With the E90 open, the ‘Ctrl’ key works ok instead!

  • Richard

    ah sorry true no control key altho the plugin does appear on my e90, nice to see a decent 3rd party plugin for the today screen.

  • AndyV

    I installed it last night and it works great! Exactly as described. It is a little annoying the icon pops up every now and then, but other than that, it’s great!


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