Make your iPhone vibrate before it starts ringing

iPhone vibrate then ring hackFile this one under “it’s-so-simple-I-should-have-though-of-it-myself.” You can choose a variety of ringtones (and even custom ringtones) and sounds for your iPhone, or you can choose to have your iPhone vibrate, or you can choose to have your iPhone vibrate and ring at the same time. Unfortunately, the iPhone doesn’t have an option to vibrate first then start ringing.

Thankfully, we can change that with a little custom-ringtone magic.

Here’s what you do:

  • Create your own customer ringtone from an MP3 or AAC file.
  • Insert a 5-10 second section of silence into the beginning of the track.
  • Convert and upload your ringtone with iToner, Nakko, or any other iPhone ringtone utility.
  • Choose the newly uploaded ringtone as your, um, ringtone.
  • Set your iPhone to ring and vibrate.

The next time your iPhone rings, it will vibrate for 5-10 seconds (depending on how much silence you inserted into the beginning of the track) before ringing. This should give you enough time to silence your iPhone before it starts blaring that Britney Spears track that you love soo much – it could save you a good deal of embarrassment.

[Via: iPhone Central]

  • JonnyBruha

    Seriously? People have been doing this for real phones for years now. I guess it makes sense because iPhone users have to start from the bottom to learn anything about how to use a phone that does anything other than make calls, but this is not news. Save this for intoiPhone.

    • scoobydubious

      jealous much?

  • Raidium

    I’ve had my phone doing this for awhile now. It will start out vibrating and it will vibrate through the ringtone. It’s fairly simple to do with other phones…

  • Jbray

    There are also ringtones on the iTunes store accessible from the iPhone for people that are lazy, just search “Vibrate then ring”

    • Brodyruckas

      Thanks man that helped alot

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