Garmin sued over Nuviphone name

Garmin can only hope their “phone story” will be somewhat similar with Apple’s. So far, they seem on the right track. Not that people are vowed with the Nuviphone as they were with the iPhone, it’s the lawsuit that makes the Nuviphone and iPhone similar. Cisco owns the iPhone name, and now other company has problems with Garmin calling their products with anything “Nuvi.”

NuviphoneAnyway, Overland Park, Kansas based Internet telephone provider Nuvio Corp. is suing the portable navigation device (PND) maker over the proposed Nuviphone name. Furthermore, Nuvio doesn’t like the whole Garmin naming scheme. They don’t want to see them using “Nuvi” name on any of the regular PNDs, and they are now demanding damages from past infringement(s).

Garmin didn’t want to comment. Their spokesman Ted Gartner only said they first introduced the Nuvi line in North America in early 2006 and had sold Nuvi products in Europe before then, so — my two cents start here — what the f**k that Nuvio wants. 🙂

[Via: Yahoo]

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