Verizon Wireless – redefining what it means to be “unlimited”

Verizon Wireless logoWith all the hub-ub recently over unlimited calling plans, and that Juggernaut of a flat-rate calling plan that Sprint is calling “Simply Everything,” people tend to forget that supposedly “unlimited” data plans were getting restricted not too long ago.

Now that Verizon Wireless is offering an unlimited voice calling plan, they’re out to redefine the definition of the term “unlimited.” Come March 2nd, Verizon Wireless’s BroadBand Access unlimited data plan (the top-tier, data plan meant for broadband data cards) will be limited to 5GB. Verizon recently got some flak for instituting a soft-cap of 5GB on this particular data plan – with the mere threat of throughput throttling or contract termination for customers that paid the 5GB soft-limit no mind. But, now Verizon is going to be charging customer $0.49 for every single MegaByte that is downloaded past the 5GB “unlimited” data plan limit.

Maybe Verizon Wireless should start calling their BroadBand Access data plan the “Simply Limited” data plan.

Verizon Wireless

  • newtype2011

    One word:


  • Dan

    Why hasn’t anyone taken these people to court over this false “unlimited” stuff? How much small print can you really have before something is flat out false?


    *Porsche not actually free.

  • benjasmine

    this is stupid…
    “unlimited” means unlimited…if not, then don’t use the word. looks like Verizon will get sued pretty soon for misleading…

  • Vlad

    Well, they should be sued. And so should all the other tens of operators around the world that use the exact same ‘tactic’. I for one always read the ‘small print’ of any offer, but I do feel kinda pityful for those who don’t. I hope operators will eventually wake up, see that it’s 2008, and just make these plans the way they should be: unlimited.

  • Enrique

    My contract with VZW is expiring in June… I am willing to try Sprint, any advice on this? how is the network regarding quality? data speed? any link you want to share?

  • Rolando

    I have sprint since 2006, and I have to say that they have the greatest broadband network over the U.S. Puerto Rico, and virgin Islands, and of course when they offer unlimited data plan the really offer unlimited, for example I use every month an a verage of 15 – 20 gygabites of data and i don’t have any problem with it. I highly recomend sprint.

  • Raidium

    The main reason for these changes is because there are a very few minority (when I saw few I’m talking about 100 people, thats it) That use over 75% of the carriers bandwith because they run companies on a single aircard, no lie. These VERY few individuals are costing the carriers MILLIONS of dollars a month. So inorder to stop these serious loss, they limited their plans down to 5 Gigs a Month to get rid of these individuals.

    So try not to blame the Carrier for switching their rate plans to limited becasue chances are, you wont come close to using 5 Gigs by urself in a month. Not unless you are an illegal file sharer, major porn addict, or your social life consists of your ability to be connected to the net 24/7. And if any of those are the case, maybe you should rethink your lives!

  • Michael Arroyo

    I have been a Verizon customer for nearly ten years. I enjoy Verizon’s good service and excellent cell phone coverage. It is rare that my phone will drop a call. Normally calls are clear and crisp, thanks to Verizon’s service.

    Having said this I wish Verizon would wake up and offer a Simply everything plan like Sprint. I see no reason why such a plan should not be offered for around $75. to $100. a month, including at least a three line family plan. Should Verizon ever do this for their customers, folks currently with other cellular carriers would flock to Verizon and pay for Verizon cellular services.

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