Apple demos native iPhone AIM client – iChat made with iPhone SDK.

iPhone SDK shows off iChat AIM clientRight, it’s not like we didn’t have any options when it came to natively installed third-party iPhone messaging applications. Whether you’re using AIM, Jabber, ICQ, MSN, or Yahoo!, there’s an unofficial third-party messaging application available for the iPhone. But, it’s not the same as an official iChat client from Apple.

So, imagine my surprise when Apple brought out a native AIM chat client for the iPhone. Apple demonstrated the application at the iPhone Software Roadmap press event and showed off its support for multiple conversations – simple swipe of the finger allows you to switch between convos. The Buddy List displays your icon picture, name, status and even synchronizes with the iPhone’s Address Book. That sounds like an iChat client to me!

And, the AIM client took only 5 days to build – wow.

We can only hope that better AIM clients emerge for the iPhone – either from Apple or third-parties. Too bad we’ll have to wait a few more months to find out

iPhone SDK shows off iChat AIM client   iPhone SDK shows off iChat AIM client

  • Steven

    You’re actually wrong on this. Apple didn’t show of a native AIM client, the AIM team did. Apple didn’t build the program, the AIM team did. Therefore, this is not an iChat program for the iPhone. It’s just AIM, but an iPhone version.

  • Pat

    I watched it the day it was posted. Apple did not make the aim client. AIM did. Apple did not make it other wize it would have bubbles AIM made it in 5 days.

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