iPhone SDK: iPhone emulator uses iPhone OS v1.2 firmware (codenamed Aspen); to be released?

iPhone SDK uses iPhone emulator with iPhone OS v1.2 AspenThe iPhone SDK includes an iPhone emulator that makes it easy for iPhone developers to test their code without having to risk corrupting a real-life iPhone. But, while the rest of us mortals will have to be satisfied with the current iPhone v1.1.4 firmware, the iPhone emulator gets to play with a newer, unreleased version of the iPhone firmware.

A quick look at the iPhone emulator’s “Settings” pane will show that iPhone v1.2 (5A147p) is running the show. iPhone v1.2 is codenamed “Aspen” and is consistent with previous iPhone OS codenames – v1.1.1 was “SnowBird,” v1.1.2 was “Oktoberfest,” and v1.1.3 was “LittleBear.”

Now, we know that Apple is shooting for a June launch of the iPhone v2.0 firmare that will play nice with the iPhone SDK and applications borne from its development. Will Apple use the intervening months to release the iPhone v1.2 firmware in place of, or renamed as, the iPhone v1.1.5 firmware? The iPhone v1.2 (Aspen) firmware is presumably ready to go since it’s already being used in the emulator, but will Apple see fit to release Aspen in the next month or so? The move would certainly make sense, given Apple’s timing in releasing iPhone firmware updates, so we’ll just have to wait and see if Apple’s iPhone v1.2 Aspen firmware makes it to see the light of day.

  • PlayerKill

    So what are the changes in this new firmware???

  • shotty

    I think you meant ‘to’ be released. Not ‘too’. Idiot.

  • ipodtoucher

    Where can i get this new firmware? (1.2) ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓

  • Ben

    type iphone 2.0 5A147p on google it’ss the 4th page it downloaded for safari but all it was a folder. I don’t know how to put the files in or what ever hackers do to create the firmware.


  • Ben

    it’s now called 2.0

  • Ben

    download it on windows safari rename it to the right name

  • Ben

    PWNAGE it

    trying it now!!!

  • Ben

    it worked

    restoring it now


  • Shotty is an idiot.

    “shotty says:
    March 11th, 2008 at 9:25 am

    I think you meant ‘to’ be released. Not ‘too’. Idiot.”

    Please read the following quote from wikipedia.

    “In grammar, an independent clause (or main clause) is a clause that can stand by itself as a grammatically viable simple sentence. Independent clauses express a complete thought and contain a subject and a predicate. Multiple independent clauses can be joined.”.

    The simplest form of a sentence contains an independent clause. It is ironic that you should choose to degrade the poster on that typo and fail to form complete sentences while doing so.

  • shotty is rather shitty

    It can be a typo or something like that. But shitty doesn’t compute such things, right?

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