Today is my first day as a Nokia employee


Today is the first day in what will hopefully be a long and prosperous career at Nokia.

My job title will be “Communications Specialist” and I’ll be working with Daniel Shugrue in the “Tech Leader Engagement Team.” The job description is here.

One of the unexpected side effects that blogging has pleasantly surprised me with was the creation of new friendships. The S60 and Nokia blogging community are all a fantastic bunch of people and with this new position I’m going to be in touch with even more fans of devices running S60, the ones who call themselves S60 Ambassadors.

Now that I work for Nokia there are a few rules I must adhere too, first and most obvious: I can’t comment or post pictures of unreleased S60 products. I can’t talk about pictures or information that was asked to be taken down by S60 licensees, especially the big one, Nokia. I can’t speculate on rumors.

Last rule: I have to tell you guys that I work for Nokia and I’ll be updating my bio within the hour to reflect that.

This is a part time position and Ricky from SymbianGuru/MobileBurn will be my teammate. He revealed he was working for Nokia 10 days ago and I asked him nicely not to disclose the fact that I’ll be his colleague because the paperwork on my end wasn’t complete. I wanted to wait until the ink on the contracts was dry before telling everyone and if you followed me on Jaiku then you got to know on Friday, the second I left the office.

I could not have done this without you guys, you’re the reason I blog in the first place. Thanks for reading!

One more thing … of course I’ll still be blogging here! I’m not leaving Finland either, for now at least, that might change in the long term depending on which direction Dan wants to do with the team.

If this post seems sparse it’s because I’m still letting it soak in. It feels just like yesterday that I got on a plane and landed at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. That was on July 6, 2007. Time flies when you’re having fun.

[Photo above is of the Nokia car that was at CES 2008, I currently use it as my wallpaper, you can download the full 5 megapixel image here; taken with my N82.

  • dusanb

    Good luck man! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    Thanks Dusan!

  • James Whatley

    Bloody well done chap.

    Says a lot for Nokia for their thought leadership in hiring you and also for yourself; Your sheer will and determination (not to mention blogging talent) to get yourself a job.

    Yours, since the early days of RingNokia,


  • OlliS

    Congratulations are still in order.

    But don’t you feel that working for Nokia would seriously compromise your integrity as a reporter?

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    I’ve always been honest with my goal of getting into Nokia and that hasn’t stopped me from voicing my opinions of the company and their products and services.

    I understand your argument since the strictest rules of journalism would prohibit any of this, in fact I should not have even accepted trips to Nokia World, the S60 Summit and the several devices I’ve reviewed.

    At the end of the day I disclose my connections with the company and let the people choose whether they want to listen to me or ignore me. There are hardly a shortage of blogs out there.

    I take if you’re reading Into Mobile because you like our analysis, news and wit and nothing is going change that.

  • Ali Fuat

    Congratulations! I hope you’d do well in your area. Bests from Turkey. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • Rita El Khoury

    Kudos and good luck with the position. I must have missed it on Jaiku :s
    Anyway, you and Ricky make a well balanced team, and we know you can get out a lot of genius together! (hint: iphone vs n95 videos :p)

  • James

    Congrats Stefan!
    Good luck in your new job!

  • William

    Congratulations, Stefan!

  • Vikram

    Hey congrats thats great news man, you truly deserve this position, best wishes from India.


    Vikram Deo

  • Fernando


  • Kay


    I want that car!

  • Ricky

    congrats dude, looking forward to working together.

  • Topy

    Wow Congratulations! Will be reading this blog as always.

  • charlie

    well well well. you did it!

    welcome to the team!

    charlie and carita.

  • James Burland

    And so the journey of Stefan continues… Superb work Stefan. Congratulations!

    Following your adventures over the last 19 months has been a real highlight. Was there ever any doubt that you’d be working for OPK? Never! I’m certainly looking forward to seeing what you and Ricky can come up with in the near future, and what amazing time to be getting so heavily involved with S60 and Nokia… I’m super jealous!! (^_-)

  • Meraj Chhaya

    Congrats Stefan, I hope you enjoy your new job.

    Unfortunately you will have to stop giving us rumours and leaks from Nokia and S60 ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  • Alessandro

    Ciao Stefan,

    congrats !!

  • PlayerKill

    Congrats Stefan!!

  • jouni

    Congratulations! Please remember this was just another step on a long journey! Just keep pushing “lรคpi harmaan kiven” ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • Bill

    Congrats Stefan and welcome to Nokia. Your blog reminds me of my first flight to Helsinki as a new employee almost 10 years ago. It’s been a great ride since that day, best employer ever for me.

  • Nate

    Nice… It gives me hope to know I can get out of the militar and get a real Comm Job… No more Ground Pounding…

  • Jukka

    Congrats and welcome to Nokia! Now let’s set up a meeting and do some business .)

  • Thomas

    Cool ๐Ÿ˜Ž and good luck with your new job in Nokia .
    But hey they shud give you that nice Nokia car! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Roland Tanglao

    go stefan go! congrats!

  • newtype2011

    I’m truly happy with the news concerning your new job, but it sucks that I will have to go elsewhere to get my S60 news, rumors, and opinions ๐Ÿ˜

  • alberto



  • ozair

    well first congratulation, that u are now nokia employee

    but we wil def, miss your point of view about specifically nokia stuff, and other issues/leaks…

    well u have to move on to your career so ya, good luck.

  • Momchil Karabulev

    great news! best of luck

  • NET9

    Congrats man! Way to make it happen. Much success to you friend.

  • Tommi Vilkamo

    Congrats, Stefan, you have truly and utterly earned this!!!

    I hope you use this opportunity well, because it’s not crystal clear for everyone whether benefits of hiring high-profile and super-smart bloggers like you outweigh the risks, in total and in the long term. I strongly believe it does.

    Rock on!!!!

    Ps. I still owe you a beer…

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    I’ll shoot you an email about the beer, I’ll be in Helsinki next week, Wednesday I think, need to iron out the details.

  • PhoneBoy

    I am incredibly happy for you that you have achieved your goal of working for Nokia. Ultimately, I think it’s the right choice. Welcome aboard!

  • Tote

    Congrats, Stefan!

    Did you miss “not criticizing any Nokia-related products” on purpose, like what you did with one of the recent Nokia S60 phones? I guess, it’s not allowed now, either.

    Good luck!

  • Dmitriy Lazarev

    Congrats! Finally!!!

  • Jon T

    Thanks for the really interesting link to

    That guy really seems to know his stuff! Fascinating.

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