Microsoft’s new Mobile Internet Device efforts to be based off Windows Mobile

206529449.jpgMicrosoft recently hired Len Kawell as a “Distinguished Engineer in the Mobile Communications Business Group.” His job involves:

“Scaling Windows Mobile to new kinds of kinds of devices with larger screens and faster processors – also known as Mobile Internet Devices, or MIDs.”

Could this be Microsoft admitting that the very thought of sticking Vista on a MID was just plain ridiculous or an acknowledgment of the fact that there is this new device category cropping up that is not quite notebook, not quite smartphone, very eeePC and Nokia N810 like?

People have been questioning whether Silverlight will ever gain offline support, this additional quote from Len’s job description solves that riddle:

“Defining the application model for occasionally connected rich Internet applications in the mobile environment.”

Microsoft may be slow to change, but when they finally “get it,” they tend to blast their competition out of the water. Personally, I can’t wait for the start of the new decade.

[Via: All About Microsoft]

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