So this is what the Sanyo Katana LX looks like

Sanyo Katana LX external display locationTrying to get an idea for a handset’s design from a couple measly FCC diagrams is like trying to guess where that distracted soccer mom on her cellphone will drive that huge SUV of hers. You can have a good idea of what’s it’s going to look like, but you’re probably going to be thrown for a loop.

With the Sanyo Katana LX, the FCC diagrams gave us a vague idea of what the successor to the Sanyo Katana would look like. But, we couldn’t figure where Sanyo stuffed that darn external display. It certainly wasn’t going to fit in that little black window that’s shown in the diagrams.

Well, Engadget Mobile put their eyes on the Katana LX in the flesh. We can see that the external display is tucked under the outer shell. It’s cleverly hidden under a semi-reflective, see-through cover. It’s definitely a good look for any handset, and we’re glad to see that the Sanyo Katana LX will be sporting just this sort of external display.

And, as a final touch of flair, the Sanyo Katana LX is finished in a shiny, reflective coating – which ties in nicely with the external display. Look for the Katana LX to drop in a month or so on Sprint’s network.

[Via: Engadget Mobile]

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