BlackBerry users get 1GB free online storage with Cortado and

Cortado Connect for offers BlackBerry users 1GB of free storageAs RIM’s BlackBerry smartphones keep overtaking Palm Treos in the enterprise world and finding traction outside of the corporate environment, BlackBerry users will be facing an ever-increasing need to store and access secure data. To that end, Cortado has announced that they are giving BlackBerry users 1GB of free online storage. In partnership with, Cortado is rolling out the “Cortado Connect for” application.

The Cortado Connect software is an internet storage solution optimized for BlackBerry users with BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS). With the software, BlackBerry users can manage their local and online storage, with the ability to transfer files between them directly from their handset. Users can securely store music, video, and documents to their hearts content (as long as it’s 1GB worth of content) with the option of sharing their files with friends and family.

“Secure and accessible storage is a crucially important service, and increasingly this function formerly performed by a PC is being replaced by an Internet service. The BlackBerry smartphone is an ideal device for accessing such services,” says Dirk Löwenberg, Business Director Cortado Services.

Grab your BlackBerry and sign up for the new service at and

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    I’ve been using Cortado several months for my  and have found the service problematic, primarily because Mozy never quite seems to know how much data it needs to back up.

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