UIQ 3.3 announced

UIQ Technology just announced a new version of its platform – UIQ 3.3. Based on Symbian OS 9.3, the new version is primarily focused on enhanced support for operator acceptance, hence the features added allow the upcoming UIQ 3.3 based phones to target broad audience. In addition, the new version brings:UIQ 3.3

  • Opera Mobile 9 which guarantees full web experience
  • UIQ Dashboard with (Opera) widgets support
  • Unified messaging – both SMS and MMS are now under a single roof
  • Java JSR 248 MSA Fullset – Mobile Services Architecture (MSA) support

Both UIQ’s owners seem pleased with the new version, with Motorola’s VP of Software Platforms & Ecosystem Christy Wyatt saying: “We look forward to supporting UIQ 3.3 in future mobile devices, leveraging its new capabilities to further enhance customer experiences, and working closely with UIQ to provide the essential toolsets to our developer community.” On the other side, Sony Ericsson’s Corporate VP and Head of PBU Open Platform Ulf Persson welcomed the release and added they are “committed to developing and delivering products on UIQ 3.3.”

The Beta SDK (Software Development Kit) for UIQ 3.3 is already available for download from UIQ DevCom website.

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