ZiPhone 3.0 released – takes iPhone jailbreaking/unlocking to new levels

ZiPhone 3.0 brings plug-in supportRight. We’re still waiting on Apple to release the next iPhone OS on us and Zibri has already released an updated ZiPhone utility. The new ZiPhone 3.0 brings with it a handful of bug fixes and new plug-in support.

ZiPhone is the simple, one-click (well, it takes a few clicks, but who’s counting?) jailbreak and unlock solution for any and all iPhones and iPod Touches out there. ZiPhone 3.0 rocks the same features as all previous versions (including fixes for NVRAM problems), so the interface is the same ZiPhone UI that we’re all fond of and familiar with.

You’ll find a new button that will fix any WiFi issues you might be have after a ZiPhone-based jailbreak and unlock. And, with ZiPhone 3.0’s plug-in support, you can take iPhone customization to new levels. We’ll keep an eye out for the latest and greatest ZiPhone plug-ins…

Grab ZiPhone 3.0 here.

  • Zak

    I just upgraded from V1.1.1 to 1.1.4 and used this program to jailbreak, and damn, it was soo much easier than it was to initially Jailbreak. I think from the moment I clicked “Jailbreak” it took about 2 mins or less.

    Great find Will!

  • Danny

    I just unlocked my iphone with ZiPhone 3.0, but there is a red dot over the phone icon. Is there a way to fix this problem?

  • Will Park

    Restore and Jailbreak again. Hope that helps!

  • Danny

    I restored and Jailbroke it again and the problem persisted. However, the problem disappeared after I received a call and a voicemail message was left.

    Thanks for the reply.

  • bala

    Can somebody please send me a link where I can find step by step instruction on how to jailbreak,unlock and activate my iphone 1.1.4(well i bought1.0.2 and upgraded it)

  • Solar

    If I have at&t service and did jailbreak & activate am I alright? Should I have just done jailbreak on its own and am I going to run into any problems now? Thanks in advance.

  • J.R.

    I just purchased an iPhone 8MB tonight. I plan on taking taking it as a gift in another country – non AT&T, but GSM.

    How do I unlock/jailbreak the iPhone without activating it with AT&T? Does this program allow this? Thanks!

  • Patty Zuwa

    Please help!

    Just did a jailbreak and unlock on son’s iphone and mine (he has apple comp. and I have PC) with my PC.

    Everything works fine on mine (safari, email, ipod, phone, installer, etc.), but on his phone the e-mail is not working. We both have yahoo addresses. The only difference is that he uses a Mac and I use PC, but I don’t think this has any thing to do with it.

    What should I do?

    Please advise.

    Thank you

  • Will Park

    Are you able to add an email account to your son’s iPhone? Or is the problem that the email account doesn’t download emails from Yahoo?

  • Samantha

    can you please e-mail me step by step how to jailbreak my iphone(for free) because i have no clue how to do it thanks!!

  • Mikhael

    Please Help.
    I saw someone else is having problems with receiving there yahoo email after jailbreak. I have an apple computer. I tried to remove and reinstall the program but the same thing happens. I can send emails but not receive.



  • buster_89_79

    im haveing the same problem with yahoo mail if there is a fix can you post it so the reast of us can use it

  • Unlockable

    Will you have a Ziphone for the new iphone 3g ? How long will it take for it to come out?

  • Debbie

    I need help. I have tried to jailbreak my phone for 2 weekends now. I followed the directions to a T (even though there was some steps left out) It seems everything is working fine except I cannot make or receive phone calls – AT ALL!!! Please help. I don’t want to have to restore my settings yet again. THanks you very much.

  • Ankit Mehra


    Please Help !!!
    Well, I had unlocked/jailbroke(Do it all) my iphone(ver. 1.1.4) with the ver. 3.0 of the ZiPhone software. Everything was working fine, except the YouTube, so I “stupidly” decided to run the Do-it-all function again.

    All hell broke lose from there, the phone started the installation process and got stuck at:
    dyld: Library not loaded: libarmfp.dylib
    Referenced from: /bin/sh
    Reason: image not found

    Its stuck there for ever, seems to be going in a loop and not finding the image file. I tried the phone re-boot, but each time it gets stuck there.

    Please help, my phone has become a brick!!! Do something please!!!

  • Bala

    Restore ur iPhone to factory settings using iTunes and then “do it all” again.

  • Thomassss

    I have an iphone 1.1.4 and i am thinking about jailbreaking my phone with ziphone 3.0. I was wondering if the worst thing that can possibly happen is my phone being bricked and just having to restore it? Is this true? Please reply as i am ancious to jailbreak it.

  • Mitch

    Hey all – getting ready to sell off my iphone and pick u pthe new 3g, but before I do it I’d like to sim unlock the badboy. Now, I know ziphone can do this…but will all the settings for internet and the like work, as expected, or will they need customized settings?

  • Will Park

    It should work. If you need to make extra sure that everything goes off without a hitch, use Pwnage Tool.

    Simply upgrade to v1.1.4 by restoring your iPhone.
    Start Pwnage Tool.
    Select the v1.1.4 .ipsw restore file under “Browse .ipsw”
    Put iPhone in to restore mode by holding down power and home buttons for about 20-30 seconds
    Hit the “Pwn” button to pwn your iPhone.
    Build your cutomse ipsw file with unlock option checked
    Reboot in to restore mode
    Option-click on “Update” in iTunes to restore your iPHone with the v1.1.4 Custom Restore ipsw file

  • Mitch


    Thanks so much for the response, one other quick question…when there’s an option to “Activate” I’m a little fuzzy on this…my phone is currently on AT&T and I want it set up so that I can function on whatever network for whomever buys it…do I want to “activate” it?

    Thanks again,

  • Will Park

    Yes, when you restore your iPhone with the modified firmware file, your iPhone will need to be activated. If you wish to activate with your valid AT&T iPhone SIM is up to you, but I would recommend choosing the “Activate” option.

  • Mitch

    Will I’m sorry, I think I’m stupid.

    What I want is to set this thing up so I can send it out to someone, they can put whatever sim they have into it, and have it work. If I activate it with my AT&T sim, wont that mess up my plan?

    Thanks again, and my SINCEREST apologies for all the stupid follow up questions.

  • Will Park

    Not at all, we all have to start somewhere 🙂

    Just check the “Activate” option and you’ll be good to go. Once flashed, you can just hand the iPhone to anyone to use with any GSM network. (remember to check the “update bootloader” and “unlock” options as well).

  • Mitch


    Thanks for all the help – looks like I have 2 successfully unlocked/jailbroken phones…course now I need to track down someone with a t-mobile sim to test em, but I am confident they’re good to go.

    Thanks again!!! Now if you know any tricks to make the 3g activation actually go through, then I’ll be REALLY impressed.

  • newva10man

    Hi! The firmware 2.0 is now out and so is itunes 7.7. Can I now upgrade it the firmware to 2.0 without any problems? I’ve previously unlock my iphone and ipod using ziphone 3.0. Thanks

  • mitch

    from what I hear the jailbreak for 2.0 should be coming very soon from the dev team (the guys who make winpwn which is what I used$

  • Will Park

    iPhone 2.0 OS jailbreak will be public soon. Hang in there.

    Unlocked iPhones should restore and virginize their baseband before any updates – just to be extra sure you don’t end up with a brick

  • cellphone

    i just updated my itunes to 7.7 and iphone to 2.0 and now i cant ativate my phone ……can anyone help me out..

  • mitch

    if it’s jailbroken etc that could be the issue. I don’t think zi or pwn work with 2.0 yet, or 7.7. You could roll back to iTunes 7.5 and then restore to a 1.1.4 ispw

  • salem

    please help.
    I just unlocked my phone because I use it out of the US.
    But when I downloaded the latest software today it got locked again.
    What can I do???

  • kelvin

    just used ziphone to unlock my iphone v1.1.4. worked like a charm…

  • TJ

    After I jailbreak will I need any other program to allow me to forward text messages on my iPhone? I have version 1.1.4 and I’m running iTunes 7.5 on XP.

  • gina

    This worked flawlessly, thanks!

  • kamal

    I got an iphone with 2.0 OS updated. It is not the 3g. I understand ziphone would do the trick on the other OSs, but what about 2.0 ? I just wanted to get it sorted out before I jailbreak/unlock.

  • Simon

    It works perfect in running Ziphone 3.0 to upgrade into iphone 1.1.4.
    However, I cannot run ibrickr (0.8V)
    Is the issue in Ziphone 3.0 or I need another version ibrickr?

  • keith

    Can someone please help….

    I recently upgraded my iphone from 1.14 (this has been jailbroken etc with Ziphone) to firmware 2.0. I then tried to use Ziphone 3.0 to unlock, jailbreak and activate it. But nothing happens. The Ziphone software says it is putting the iphone into recovery mode but does nothing. Any help would be good.
    I have tried to downgrade it but keep getting error code 1604. I’ve tried to do this on 3 different macs with the same result.

  • Michael

    I have tried to unlock my iphone 8g to use just as a wifi and music device, as I am a Sprint Customer. I cannot get it to work, period. It goes into recovery mode and then gets stuck, or after restoring, does not work at all. I have followed the directions on ziphone 3.0 to the letter, and still nothing. I have a valid sim, everything seems to work, but no money shot.


  • Tharteebo

    Hi .., I need help. I used ziphone 3.0 to unlock, jailbreak ( Do it all ) on my iphone 2.0.2 version. It stuck at recovery mode for hours. Try 3 time and got the same.

  • Gazza

    Snap any help please….

  • YM

    i had exactly the same problem as tharteebo. My iphone locked itself for 4 million minutes. I put it into recovery mode, recovered it and it locked itself as it had no sim inside and i have no sim that can activate it. I tried unlocking it on ziphone and i thought everything would run smoothly, but ziphone just got stuck on the rebooting iphone in recovery mode stage.

    I have tried about five times and no luck..
    pleeasseeee can someone help me!!??

  • jose joa

    i have the same proble of YM and tharteebo. please heeelp!!!!

  • DA

    I am having the exact same problem someone please help!!

  • jason

    i just recently activated my iphone with at&t yesterday and i am trying to decide if i should jailbreak my iphone. I have a few questions first. Please if you are answering be absoluty sure that you know what you are talking about.
    1.If i jailbreak my iphone will my plan with at&t be messed up?
    2.Is there a way to jailbreak the iphone without messing the at&t plan up?3.Finally if i dont like my iphone being jailbroken how do i reverse it and make it go back to the way i bought it?

  • Chai

    Can someone please give me some advice? My iphone tends to stay on the “Unlocking 1.1.4 … (“1’38”)” for longer than 5 minutes. How long does the unlocking process normally take?

    It’s already jailbroken/activate, btw.

  • Liz

    Hi – Seem to have the same problem as Tharteebo etc…

    iPhone was 1.1.4 and was unlocked/jailbroken – Downloaded Itunes 8 and stupid stupid stupid me upgraded to 2.0.

    Result is a locked phone with the iTunes/Usb logo.

    Tried Ziphone 3.0 – Do it all did nothing so I put the phone into DFU mode and restored factory settings via iTunes.

    Think this action put me back to 1.1.4 (hope so)

    Anyways…’Do It All’ hangs forever in the ‘Rebooting phone in Recovery mode…’ status.

    Am getting a little frustrated now 🙁

    Thanks for any info (I could kick myself I really could)


  • Will Park
  • Liz

    Thanks Will,

    I’ll have a go after work.

    At least there is hope now, will update later.


  • Matthew Smith

    The whole process worked great for me except one thing. I am trying to unlock the phone and I have tried this three times and it still isn’t unlocked. I also tried restoring in itunes as well and still am not having any luck. Any advice?

  • Katie

    i downloaded ziphone 3.0 for PC and each time i go to “Jailbreak” it asks for itunes to restore my iphone…which it does…and then what? am i missing something? PLEASE HELP…ILL PAY THRU PAYPAL OR SOMETHING FOR SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO WALK ME THROUGH IT///

    i guess what I’m really asking is, what are the actual steps to installing ziphone?

  • John

    I downloaded ziphone for mac but I wasnt able to unlock my iphone 3g, any thoughts?

  • Jensen

    I upgraded my phone to v2.1 and I can’t unlock it anymore… I am now using iTunes8. can anyone help me rollback my phone to 1.1.4?

  • mq

    i recently updated my phone using itunes, and it locked my phone, now i dont know how to fix it. i tried using ziphone but it did not work all i have is a itunes logo. Pleasssssseeee help!!!!

  • mq

    ***itunes logo on my phone

  • Tom

    I had restored my iPhone 2G with ipsw 1.1.4. I proceeded to jailbreak it using Ziphone 3.0 and it appears to have jailbroken the phone but the sim card is not being recognized. I have used used installer 3.11 to put ziphone ibrickr fix version 1.0 and that doesn’t seem to solve anything either. What am i missing? What else needs to be done to get the phone to recognize the sim?


  • Eric


    I have a iphone 1.4v and have brick it during an upgrade to ziphone 3.0v. My pc and itunes are no longer seeing the iphone. My iphone is lock/brick on the “Installing base apps”… in the jailbreak process. Is there any way to fix this…. or to find a way to restore the iphone


  • Nick

    Hi All,

    I tried to unlock my old v1 iPhone and next thing i know, straight after i start the unlock, the power goes off!!!!

    Now im not sure if the download has worked and itunes is not recognising my iphone either!

    Basically at the moment my phone is just flicking through a serious of messages stating BSD root:

    I tried to do this on my iBook, can anyone help me or explain whats going on????


  • kwayu

    Hi all,
    I have a jailbroken 8GB iphone 1.1.4 with old bootloader 3.9. My question is is I update to 2.2 and itunes? Can I jailbreak after the updates using iphone 3.0?


  • jon

    i have a i phone tryin to use it with fido will it work i hope soo cuz im tryin to avtivate it and it takes soo long i been doing it 4 over 1hr it jsut says robooting fone in rocovery mode

  • Kasey

    I downloaded ziphone 3.0 and tried to jail break it but it is getting stuck on,”entering recovery mode”, my iphone is in recovery mode but it still wont continue with the jailbreak…. What should i do?

  • fak

    can i upgrade my iphone 1.1.4 to 2.0.0 with ziphone

  • Lexi Smith

    I have no problem installing the Ziphone program onto my computer. But, whenever I try to jailbreak it the screen says it can not detect my iphone, and it’s connected and shown in iTunes every time! AND, when it does occasionally recognize my phone, it doesn’t jailbreak my phone. It just puts it into recovery mode and then I have to restore and resync my phone to the settings it already had. Can someone
    PLEASE help me figure out how to have Ziphone recognize my phone AND jailbreak it (instead of just turning it off and restoring it)? Is there someway to stop itunes from trying to help restore too? Because it does that every time i try this. By the way, I’m using a PC, NOT A MAC!!!!!! HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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