Next generation, 3G iPhone to launch at Apple’s WWDC in June – thinner, faster, more high-end

3G iPhone to launch in June at Apple WWDCApple’s preparing to launch their 3G iPhone in the US with a cut-back in current iPhone stock. And, following on reports that Apple’s placed a 10 million unit-strong order for iPhones (presumably 3G versions) with Taiwan-based Hon Hai (Foxconn), we’re hearing that the 3G iPhone will indeed launch at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference in June.

The Apple WWDC is 63 days away and falls in line with speculation that the iPhone will launch in June and reiterates other rumors that point to the 3G iPhone launching at the WWDC conference. TGDaily has it from “industry sources” that the 3G iPhone will indeed be debuted at WWDC and will be offered in 8GB ($399), 16GB ($499) and possibly a monster 32GB ($599) variant. The launch of 8GB and 16GB 3G iPhones is quite solid, however, the 32GB 3G iPhone is an unconfirmed rumor.

Apple is apparently going to shave an impressive 2.5mm off the current iPhone’s case thickness, giving the 3G iPhone a slim-advantage (literally) over the current iPhone. The casing material will also be revised, resulting in a more “high-end” and less “plasticy” feel. Unfortunately, the battery will remain a sealed unit and there will be no major revisions to the iPhone UI.

We already know with reasonable confidence that the 3G iPhone will sport an Infineon-based S-GOLD3H 3G chip that will enable HSDPA speeds up to 7.2Mbps (not in the US, sorry). And now we can expect the 3G iPhone to sport an even slimmer casing, more high-end materials, and possibly even a 32GB variant. No mention of whether the 3G iPhone will sport a front-facing video-call camera that is supported by the Infineon S-GOLD3H 3G chip and speculated by Kevin Rose.

We’ll just have to keep waiting until Apple decides to drop the 3G iPhone-bomb on the whole world. Although, it is quite peculiar that we’re getting all these leaks recently out of the once tight-lipped Apple.


In addition to the 3G HSDPA plans unveiled by the new iPhone SDK beta, closer examination into the SDK code has revealed a couple new interesting nuggets of information. Within the iPhone SDK code lies references to “HeadsetBT”, “HeadphonesBT”, and “RoleA2DP” – indicating that the next-generation 3G iPhone or the iPhone v2.0 OS firmware update could enable the much awaited Stereo Bluetooth A2DP feature. There also seems to be support for streaming Bluetooth music to a mono Bluetooth headset. The mention of “RoleGPS” also hints at GPS navigation support for either the next version of the iPhone OS or the 3G iPhone. We’ll have to wait and see – here’s to hoping that A2DP Bluetooth and GPS are in store for the 3G iPhone…

[Via: TGDaily]

Thanks, Chase!

  • bazza

    So basically nothing much. Thinner and a 3G chip. Does that really inspire any excitement? Its as minimal as the improvements of the N96 from N95.

    3G hardly makes it any more worthwhile than it already is, unless youre a mobile web junkie with an expensive unlimited data tariff.

    – Give me improved Bluetooth profile support (as in all of them),
    – throw in a unrecessed headphone port,
    – throw in a free video cable,
    – improve the camera to 3mpx with default advanced settings,
    – improve the signal strenght to be on par with other handsets,
    – get off your high horse and provide Adobe Flash Lite (or equivalent)support in safari,
    – ability to download files like pics, music, pdf..etc via the browser,
    – copy and paste any text editable anywhere in the phone to anywhere else in the phone

    …..and a few other software enhancements, then you got some cooking.

    3G is nice, but nothing great and certainly doesnt make for a leap in ability.

  • jay

    Big fucken deal


    No GPS!!

    My money stays in my pocket.

  • big Deal

    Well at the very least, if you are in the market for an i-phone (as I am) it seems worth the wait rather than buying the current model now.

  • newtype2011

    If you browse on the go a lot, then this is definitely the version for you. And, it doesn’t hurt that the phone may be made out of better materials.

    On a cell phone:

    Metal > Plastic

  • theexcode

    what aload of dodo this iphone is who cares not me.

  • Wingie II

    If you don’t care why do you read this article and search for iphone on google.
    And I do want an Iphone with g3 only it still has to come out here. gps would be a great improvement.

  • Zach

    Everyone is talking about video chat. How is it possible if the camera on the iphone is located on the back? The only way for video chat to happen is to have the camera on the front or to have two cameras and even with the camera on the front makes it hard to take regular pictures and hopefully new upcoming video.

  • ali naboulsi

    hi please i wanna ask if you can the iphone to china

  • rt

    3G opens up the Asia market. No contract announcement with Asia until 3G. I’ve gone from a single cell phone purchase in the last 10 years to “I’ll buy the latest phone as soon as it comes out!”
    This Apple phone is too much.
    And with all the unauthorized software loaded and running, just imagaine what all those authorized ones will look like. And pay for them. Of course, why not? Programmers are worth their wages, too.

  • billy

    is there going to be any more PDA features?

  • Hanners

    Wait so when is the 3G iPhone coming out?

  • Chris

    I was so looking forward to the new generation iPhone not just for browsing speed and song space but hoping for a more robust, streamlined interface. So no UI enhancements isn’t happening? That’s a shame, I felt that was the worst part when I was trying the thing out.

  • mac

    What about the rumored but not yet “‘trumored” $199.00 (US) 3G iphone directly from the AT&T store?

  • Croak

    Guys, Guys, Guys, the 3G iPhone will be great, but I wouldn’t believe any of these rumors, except for this one: The new iPhone will have an integrated taser function to deter anyone unwanted from trying to take it from you! This may however effect battery life after the 3rd zap.

  • dan

    hey guy.i have never had any of the ihpone or any other cellphones with great performance.and i wonna buy this new’s that true cause has 2 camera?otherwise how can u talk and see in the same time?u know like videochat.and about the gps it’s more performant than the previous one?what other futures has this 3k?it’s possible like later to buy this cellphone for less money?or it’s possible to expect any other future for another iphone more performant?and why not for less money?thank’s anyways…

  • Will Park


    iPhone with a taser…that’s good stuff!

  • All of you criticizing the iPhone should know that it is the worlds state of the art technology and just getting better.

  • sam

    the iPhone 3g is so annoying,why can’t I download using safari?

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