AT&T preparing to launch Mobile TV on May 4?

AT&T set to launch mobile TV on Samsung AccessIt’s been a long time coming and after more delays than we have patience for, AT&T may finally be launching their Mobile TV service on May 4. With the Samsung Access ready to rock and roll with AT&T’s MediFLO-powered Mobile TV service, the new service can’t launch fast enough.

Word on the street has AT&T launching the new service in a three-tiered setup. The lowest (and cheapest) “Limited” package will run $13 a month and offers Fox, CBS, NBC, and NBC News. An extra couple bucks will get you the “Basic” package for $15 a month – offering Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, CNN Mobile, Sony Pictures, and ESPN in addition to the Limited package’s lineup. And, AT&T is reportedly getting set to offer the mother of all Mobile TV/cellular video/MEdia Net packages with the “Plus” package. For $30 a month, you’ll get all the same goodies that you get with the Basic package, and adds unlimited MEdia Net and Cellular Video.

May 4th is just around the corner, so we won’t have too much longer to wait for AT&T to go live with Mobile TV.

[Via: EngadgetMobile]

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