Pictures: Three flavors of the Nokia N82

Three Nokia N82 colors - pic 1

After running the series of photos comparing the N95 8GB with N96, and N78 with N82, it’s the “pure N82” time only. Three Nokia N82 versions are on display – black, white and the silver one. It’s much easier to pick the favorite color this way, even though I guess most of you folks prefer the black one. Am I right?

Three Nokia N82 colors - pic 2

Three Nokia N82 colors - pic 3

Three Nokia N82 colors - pic 4

Three Nokia N82 colors - pic 5

Three Nokia N82 colors - pic 6

Three Nokia N82 colors - pic 7

Three Nokia N82 colors - pic 8

[Via: Just Another Mobile Phone Blog]


    Yeah, you are right.i like the black one.but can you tell me when this n82 black will be coming to Pakistan?

  • DutchMob

    It’s a lovely phone. Maybe i buy one as replacement for my SE K800i and Nokia 6300. My favorite colour wil be the silver.


  • WTF

    Black is B E U tifil….. I have the Silver and it’s kinda femy.

  • karl

    I have a silver one and put a black back on it! That’s the way I like it!

  • Zak

    My black one looks stunning up there 😉

  • Nokia N82 Freak

    I have a friend that bought the silver one and i have the black version…When my friend saw my N82 black he told me can i exchange it for your black version? There’s too much reflexion with the sun light with the silver version.

  • ashraf

    i love this mobile

  • jimmy

    mh…… i wish to have thing like that!! i love nokia!!!

  • Aditya Singhvi

    Just wanted to let you know that I have used the pictures in my blog for an article on the N82.

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