Chinese handwriting recognition spotted in iPhone 2.0 OS beta

iPhone OS 2.0 shows Chinese handwriting recognitionWith more mobile subscribers than there are people living in the US, China’s mobile market is a force to be reckoned with. So, it makes sense that Apple is still pursuing the Chinese market for their heralded iPhone.

The newest revelation gleaned from the iPhone 2.0 OS points toward some handwriting recognition support for its Chinese-speaking users. Both traditional and simplified Chinese input are supported with the new Chinese-language support. Selecting the Chinese language setting on the iPhone offers the user the option to use handwriting recognition input.

The handwriting recognition support seems to be implemented with an incredibly intuitive interface that Apple is so iPhone OS 2.0 shows Chinese handwriting recognitionexperienced in creating. As the user starts to input Chinese character components (slashes and lines), probable matching-character suggestions appear to the right of the text-input box. With the ability to enter Chinese characters in both portrait and landscape orientation, the UI is incredibly flexible.

For all you Chinese-speaking iPhone hopefuls looking to ditch the English interface on the iPhone, there is likely a Chinese-language light at the end of the tunnel. We’ll have to wait and see if this new handwriting recognition hits the official release of the iPhone OS 2.0, but it looks like we’ll be seeing the new feature in a couple months.

iPhone OS 2.0 shows Chinese handwriting recognition

Hit up for the rest of the screenshots of the Chinese-language UI in action.

[ Via: MacRumors]

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