Apple iPhone OS 2.0 beta firmware hints at support for geo-tagged photos

With the release of the latest iPhone OS 2.0 firmware to select iPhone enterprise developers (firmware build 5A292g) we’re getting indications that Apple is bringing geo-tagging to the iPhone.

Developers are indicating that the iPhone’s “Maps” and “Camera” applications ask for the user’s permission before getting a location lock on the handset. The location-aware applications can presumably use the cell-tower triangulation method that is employed by the current iPhone, but the possibility of the next-generation iPhone using a true GPS receiver is enticing indeed.

iPhone geotagging

More significantly, the “Camera” application is expected to feature geo-tagging support for photos. That means any picture taken with the iPhone’s camera can be tagged with the location in which the photo was snapped. The location of the iPhone would be determined using the cell-tower triangulation method or GPS coordinates, and the location-data would be added to the digital picture’s meta-data.

As it stands, it seems that geo-tagging support has not yet been specifically integrated into the latest iPhone OS 2.0 firmware. The Camera application asks permission to use location data, but does not embed the meta-data into pictures. We still have another month, or so, before Apple goes live with the 3G iPhone and the iPhone OS 2.0 release, so there’s still time for Apple code-monkeys to integrate geo-tagging support into the new firmware.

Additionally, the new firmware shows off a new preference allowing the user to enable or disable location-aware services on a global basis. If location-awareness if your thing, you can have location-data always enabled. If tin-foil hats and conspiracy theories dominate your life, you can have location-data disabled in all situations.

Stay tuned for Apple to release more information as we close in on the Apple WWDC on June 9.

[Via: AppleInsider]

  • netfreez

    Woooow, am I seeing this correct, it will allow VPN capabilities. This phone is becoming more and more amazing by the minute.

  • Yeti

    Current version already has VPN. FYI…

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