Bluetooth Cassette Tape Adapter makes use of the old cassette players

Here’s an interesting accessory for those people that still have the cassette deck in their cars. Simply put this Bluetooth Cassette Tape Adapter in the deck and stream music from your mobile phone to your in-car stereo.

Bluetooth Cassette Tape Adapter

It’s a neat idea, even though I’m not actually sure just how many people still have a tape deck in their cars. Guess that number is more significant in developing countries, where this accessory could sell well.

Also on the down side — in case the previous point was a down side at all — you will still have a cord sticking out, as Bluetooth Cassette Tape Adapter needs to pull power from your car’s cigarette adapter.

The device will run you around $35 which is kinda lot considering the low price of today’s CD players. Then again, some people like their original car stereo so much they may opt in for something like this.

[Via: CoolestGadgets]

  • Groxx

    No, you don’t need to have it plugged in to use it. Don’t you do research on products you post? I found it out in about 30 seconds.

    It has an internal battery that it says lasts for about 5 hours run-time (2 hours to charge, 120 hours for standby). The power comes through a regular, round DC plug, so other adapters will likely work as well (5v is pretty common), and it very nicely has one with a USB plug on the other end. This way, you can charge it from any USB power source, or from the included car adapter, which is really a car-to-USB converter.

  • Max

    Not only is this review factually inaccurate but to suggest that you live in a developing country if you don’t have a cd player in your car is out of line. If you’re fortunate enough to only drive cars with cd players then great for you, but there’s plenty of people who can’t or choose not to. My car happens to have a cd changer in the boot and a tape deck up front. For me this sounds great.

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