Sony Ericsson teases us with more XPERIA X1 pics

new XPERIA photo

Like I already don’t want the XPERIA so bad, Sony Ericsson is adding salt on my wound. September never felt so distant, and in the meantime the Swedish-Japanese handset maker’s website (or that’s marketing) team made more XPERIA X1 images available. As you’ve just seen — and there are more photos after the jump — the device rocks. That new color, Steel Silver, may even look better than the original black we saw at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. And the “Xperia Panel” looks as sexy as Windows Mobile can be. Keep reading for more photos…

new XPERIA photo - pic 2

new XPERIA photo - pic 3

new XPERIA photo - pic 4

new XPERIA photo - pic 5

[Via: SonyEricssonBlog]

  • scooter

    heard from a Sony Ericson rep yesterday that the X1 is headed toward ATT in the US as an exclusive !

  • Raidium

    So it will be available but only as an ATT exclusive? Now if only that device could make it to Sprint but then again, I don’t think Sprint has any Sony phones. What a buzz kill!

  • x1 owner

    Noooooooooo…. I thot it would be going to T-Mobile. Are you for real? ATT’s network is slow and the ir plans are expensive! Now thats a bummer, they already have the Iphone afterall!

  • Drake

    I think the X1 is going to be an ATT phone after all haven’t all sony ericsson phones used ATT as their carrier.ATT’s network isnt as slow as it used to be anymore now that they have 3G.

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