Malicious image could affects security of Moto’s RAZR


You could have some issues if you accept a JPEG from strangers to your RAZR, according to CNET News….

A vulnerability has been discovered in the phones that could allow a hacker to send a corrupt JPEG image via Multimedia Messaging Service that could be leveraged to run malicious code on the phone. However, you would have to accept the image for download before that could happen. The specific flaw exists in the JPEG thumbprint component of the EXIF parser, according to an advisory released by security firm TippingPoint’s Zero Day Initiative on Tuesday.

Motorola has apparently fixed the vulnerability in new software available on it’s website, and is urging people to download this. I wonder though, what exactly this vulnerability (which isn’t new by the way) allows people to do? “Executing arbitrary code” isn’t exactly clear now, is it?

Anyhow, if you want to get the new software, you can go here.

[Via: CNET News]

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