Ad-supported gaming works; Greystripe has the numbers to support the claim!

Greystripe chartsGreystripe unveiled statistics from their internal database of users, their catalogue partners and third party research studies. And they (numbers) rock!

But let me stop here and let the numbers talk instead:

  • Greystripe’s 800+ games are the most popular among the sought-after 18 to 34-year old age group.
  • 68% of Greystripe’s GameJump users are in the United States.
  • 75% of worldwide users fall between 18 and 34 years old.
  • U.S. users are split 60% male-40% female, while Greystripe’s worldwide audience is split almost evenly amongst men and women.
  • 51% of GameJump’s users are the primary purchasing decision makers of the household, with another 39.2% sharing the responsibility. In total, 90.2% of the consumers exposed to ads on the Greystripe network have the power to make purchasing decisions for their families.
  • Greystripe’s advertisements have shown an ultra-high click-through rate of 10.1% worldwide — that’s 6 times higher than those found in traditional mobile advertising.
  • Since launching in 2006, over 65 million ad-sponsored games have been downloaded with the average gamer playing each game a total of 66 minutes.

More insight into Greystripe’s consumers is available online and free to anyone interested at Greystripe’s website.

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