Verizon’s visual voicemail to work on BlackBerry Thunder, too

Verizon visual voicemail to work on BlackBerry Thunder, and some touchscreen Motorola phone

We already reported that Verizon is preparing to launch its visual voicemail service and that few devices — including LG Chocolate 3, LG “Voyager Refresh,” Motorola “Utopia” and Motorola “Blaze” (touchscreen) — are already on board. Now we have a new tidbit of information, suggesting that the so called RIM’s response to the “iPhone challenge,” all-touchscreen equipped BlackBerry Thunder, will also sing along Verizon’s service.

And that’s about it. We don’t have a single screenshot at the moment, only Engadget’s words to trust. And yes, we do trust them. Add the simple logic that many people love visual voicemail, and you’ll see a reason why Verizon needs such service to compete with Apple and its “partner in crime” – AT&T. We’ll keep watch this closely and get back to you as soon as we have something new to report, k?

[Via: Engadget Mobile]

  • Khrys

    I can’t wait for the new RIM touchscreen! For now i’ve been trying out Youmail’s voicemail service and though it does visual voicemail i’ve been rocking to the other features it offers that puts my Verizon voicemail to shame.
    It’s free and the new transcription beta VTT comes in handy. Most of the transcription is legible and some are funny but i get the gist of the message. I set my notification to attach an mp3 to every message so i don’t even have to call in to listen. I just noticed that i now also get a notification on the caller’s location too so i now where that missed caller was from. I was at an out of town conference last week and i missed 3 calls that day and i could tell which call to return based on the reverse look-up and enhanced info.
    Anyway, business road warriors like myself can appreciate Youmail’s service. While everyone waits for the carriers to catch up it’s worth trying out.

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