ACCESS launches NetFront Browser Widgets community

NetFront Browser WidgetsACCESS wants a piece of the “mobile widget action,” hence they’re launching a beta version of NetFront Browser Widgets community site. Available in English and Japanese, the site allows users to download and try free mobile widgets. You’ll need, however, to install NetFront Browser Widgets Player, which initially is compatible with Windows Mobile versions 5.0 and 6.0, in order to start using these widgets.

NetFront Browser Widgets is a solution that is based on the NetFront Browser engine and enables widgets for mobile handsets and consumer electronics to be created on the basis of open Web technology. It provides widget players, development tools, and widget content in one package for carriers and device manufacturers, helping businesses to quickly implement a diverse range of widget services.

Tools for widget developers are still not available, but ACCESS wowed to released them in the near future.

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