Matias Duarte bringing Sidekick, Helio UI expertise to Palm’s new PalmOS Nova

Palm logoWhile Helio’s wireless experience left so much to be desired that the company has resorted to gussying itself up as Virgin Mobile’s main-course meal, the MVNO’s handsets featured custom-designed UIs (User Interfaces) that offered top-notch user experiences. That same designer, Matias Duarte, also had a huge hand in crafting Danger’s Sidekick UI, owing to the swivel-screened lineup’s success on T-Mobile.

Now, we’re hearing that Duarte has been working with Palm to revamp the aging PalmOS platform and usher Palm in to the age of Linux-based web-centric mobile OS architectures. As Palm’s Senior Director of Human Interface and User Experience design, Matias Duarte is reportedly working on “something new” – which is likely an indication that Palm’s next-generation PalmOS “Nova” will have at least some Duarte-influence.

Duarte’s work on PalmOS Nova could be the start of a turn-around for the mobile phone manufacturer that was once at the top of the industry. With PalmOS going on its sixth year without a major refresh, and Windows Mobile relegated to the tech-savvy, Palm has been left with a huge hole opportunity to bring a technically advanced, yet user-friendly mobile OS to the table. The Linux-based PalmOS Nova is expected to be a completely overhauled PalmOS with a focus on internet-based features. And, with the mobile industry following in the UI-wake left by the Apple iPhone, Palm’s user experience-oriented tack looks to be the perfect move.

[Via: MobilityToday]

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