Sidekick 2008 Gekko already available on Craigslist? Of course it is…

Sidekick 2008 Gekko on CraigslistT-Mobile has yet to release their latest Sidekick with user-swappable and customizable shells, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your eager hands on a Sidekick 2008 today. Leave it up to Craigslist to have a not-yet-released handset up for sale before its official launch.

If you’ve got the bankroll and the desire to get first-crack at the Sidekick 2008 Gekko, hit up the Craigslist ad.

But, before you blow your summer job paycheck on a pre-release Sidekick 2008, just be warned that this looks to be trial device given to field testers.

[Via: HipTop3]

  • ThatKid

    Lol wow how the hell did there hands on it? Hi kattie!

  • lastar

    how much u want the sidekick for

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