iPhone 3G stock dries up in US

How many of you out there were thinking you’d just hold off on scoring yourself an Phone 3G for a week or so in hopes of avoiding those multi-hour lines? Bad news, folks. Daring Fireball has found, after a bit of detective-work, that iPhone 3G supplies in the US are virtually bone-dry. Following on reports that iPhone 3G shortages were hitting US retail channels, it seems almost all iPhone 3G supplies are near-empty.

Stocks have dwindled down to just one 8GB iPhone 3G in Hawaii, one 16GB Black iPhone 3G in California, and just a single 16GB White iPhone 3G in Apple’s flagship Manhattan store. It’s safe to say that demand has far outpaced Apple’s allotted supply in the US. We’d have thought that Apple would concentrate enough resources on the US market to keep shelves stocked with iPhone 3Gs, but not even the great Steve Jobs foresaw iPhone demand as great, if not greater, than with the first-generation iPhone’s initial launch.

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So, to all you wait-and-seers out there – tough cookies. You’ll have to wait for the next shipment of iPhone 3G stock to get your hands on a new iPhone. Oh, and those lines you hoped to avoid? They’ll be there waiting for you when Apple re-stocks their US stores.

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[Via: Daring Fireball]

  • PineRoot

    There was a story floating around the inter-tubes about a possible Apple manufactured shortage. I believe Crunchgear had the original post. That was at an AT&T store, and I can vouch for one in MN where they had stock but “couldn’t” sell them until after some time. This was however, during the release days.
    I think Apple knew an estimate of how much demand to expect for the phone. In my opinion it was good for them to only sell/make enough to satisfy, but still leave enough demand that it creates some buzz and who doesn’t want what they can’t have?

  • [TheBORG]

    I don’t think that Apples inventory web site is completely accurate. I went last Friday the 17th to get one at my local Apple store. The web site said that they were completely out of stock. I called the store and they said they had them. Once I got there, I waited in line for 1 hour & 15 mins with loads of other people. I Was like 15th in line or something starting around 12pm. I’m sure they had loads of people come there during the morning.

    Definitely CALL the Apple stores after checking the web site availability.

  • [TheBORG]

    Friday the 18th…

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