Congress mulling cellphone tax break

We’ve heard it all before. Congress, presumably responding to disgruntled constituents’ complaints of ridiculous taxes on their cellphone bill, has previously proposed freezing new wireless taxes from being added to your monthly wireless subscription costs. But, without bi-partisan support, the Republican-backed bill promptly died on Congress’s floor.

But, with the economy being what it is, and wireless billing practices under renewed scrutiny, a new bill has been proposed that would ban any new wireless taxes from being instituted in the next five years. The new bill, put forth by Senators Ron Wyden and Olympia Snowe, Tax break on cellphone taxeswould declare a five-year moratorium on cellphone taxes from being added to the ever-growing list of state and local wireless taxes that many cellphone users are used to seeing at the bottom of their monthly bill.

“Americans are being hit hard with rising costs for gas, health care, and food for the dinner table. Americans need to know that their cellphone bills won’t be the next cost to spiral out of control,” said Wyden. “Keeping our telecom infrastructure cutting-edge keeps our economy moving and helps the millions of Americans and businesses who depend on affordable wireless services.”

And, it seems even big-dog wireless carriers are in support of the new bill. Rather than helping the customer with lower rates and reasonable SMS text messaging fees, Verizon Wireless “applaud this proposed legislation and commend Senators Wyden and Snowe for this important effort to make wireless services more affordable for American consumers.” Sounds like that recent

[Via: RCRNews]

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