Apple iPhone 2.1 beta firmware points to turn-by-turn GPS navigation, background push notification

The recently released iPhone 2.1 firmware beta has, like many beta firmwares before it, been a rewarding source of potentially upcoming iPhone features and functionality. Previous iPhone firmware betas have led to the speculation, and eventual implementation, of iPhone features like the iPhone iTunes remote, geo-tagging photos, and character-recognition, just to name a few.

With the new iPhone 2.0 OS beta, iPhone developers have uncovered yet another morsel of hope for enhanced GPS functionality. Following on Joswiak’s announcement that Apple is working to bring turn-by-turn GPS navigation to the iPhone, which contradicted David Pogue’s assertion that the iPhone’s GPS hardware wasn’t up to such a task, the iPhone 2.1 beta has shown an updated Core Location library that is capable of tracking the iPhone’s direction and velocity of movement.

iPhone 2.1 OS beta screenshot

Additionally, it seems that Apple is starting to build-out their highly-anticipated background push notification service. The nascent development of the background notification confirms Apple’s intent to roll-out a push-data delivery system that would allow native iPhone applications to receive alerts, messages, and other data in while inactive. Rather than run multiple applications in a true multi-tasking environment, Apple’s push background data will deliver similar multi-tasking performance in a more streamlined and efficient solution. The ability to deliver data to dormant applications allows the iPhone to reduce power-consumption, as well as allowing the iPhone to run faster, by not having to allot processing resources to unused applications.

The new Core Location code is suspected to be the first step in enabling turn-by-turn GPS navigation on the iPhone 3G. Location data like direction and speed-tracking are essential to enhanced GPS features, and building such features in to the latest iPhone 2.1 firmware beta is likely Apple’s preparation for releasing turn-by-turn GPS functionality. And, the prospect of having the push background notification service up and running in the near-term is indeed exciting.

[Via: GearLive]

  • Kevin

    Push notification is useless if you’re out of coverage, say out in the mountains, on a plane, in a subway, on a ship, or in another country without data.

    So much for apps that wake up to remind you of something.

  • Kevin Fan

    Kevin’s comment was completely pointless. Every phone in the world if not on a network because out of coverage, or not on Wi-fi because out of coverage won’t receive updates. The reason = It is not connected to any internet. Unplug your computer and try and turn it on.

  • Not Kevin or a fan

    Actually, he does have a very good point. If I unplug my computer from the Internet, my software can still run in the background and alert me for things.

    It sounds like he just wants that ability on the iPhone, too. He’s simply saying that this “push” service will not answer this need if the phone is not connected to the data network.

  • Not kevin fan

    Actually the whole point of push notification is so you dont have to be running the application the iphone isnt as powerful as a computer and cant run as many aps at once

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