Nokia and Google rebuff claims of Symbian, Android merger

Google Symbian collaborationThe two largest open-source mobile platform initiatives are swirling up rumors that they’ll be joining forces to combine the Symbian and Android platforms spearheaded by Nokia and Google, respectively. Allegedly informed analysts at J. Gold Associates are claiming that a merger between Nokia and Google could kick off in three to six months, citing both companies open-source mobile operating systems.

Nokia previously announced that they’ll be taking the Symbian code-base public with the creation of the Symbian Foundation. And, Symbian recently extended a hand in friendship to Google, stating that they’d be “happy to collaborate with them.” Analysts are apparently taking the collaboration offer as a sign of merger-things to come.

But, that’s not the way Symbian, Nokia, or Google sees things. Officials from all three camps have gone on record and dismissed reports of a merger between the Symbian and Android efforts. Other analysts have also commented on the possibility of a merger between the two tech-giants, saying that the rumors are unsubstantiated.

Symbian is expected to match Android on its free-for-all pricing structure, giving open access to anyone wishing to use the mobile platform. The move should help Symbian compete on the same playing field as Android, and makes the case for both mobile platforms keeping to true to their path.

[Via: InformationWeek]

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