T-Mobile Sidekick 2008 review

The T-Mobile Sidekick 2008 is ready to bring swappable shells and customizable graphics to the entry-level HipTop market – especially for all your creative types looking to change up your Sidekick’s look with the changing of the seasons (or months, or days, depending on how much you want to spend on new shells). With video recording and playback capabilities, and a 2 megapixel camera, T-Mobile’s Sidekick 2008 isn’t going to disappoint on the media-front either.

Sidekick 2008 for T-Mobile

The slenderer T-Mobile Sidekick 2008 has already been reviewed by the  folks over at Phone Arena, and they’ve come away pleased with the new Sidekick. The overall dimensions are smaller than with the flagship Sidekick LX, so a smaller 2.6-inch display is expected. But, the display is still easily viewable and automatically adjusts its brightness based on ambient lighting conditions (thanks to an ambient light sensor).

The keyboard is classic Sidekick, and makes for some easy typing. Although, the upper row of keys are apparently a bit over-sensitive and take some getting used to. Likewise, the swivel mechanism is slick and smooth – again, classic Sidekick.

Sidekick 2008 T-mobile

Video capture, 2 megapixel camera, and stereo Bluetooth round out the otherwise simple feature-set. The Sidekick 2008 is marketed as a decidedly more down-range HipTop for the youngest of Sidekick users with lesser budgets, so the inclusion of a decent camera and stereo Bluetooth is a nice surprise.

Unfortunately, as a down-range device, the Sidekick 2008 sports cheap-feeling plastic exterior pieces that pick up smudges and scuffs like nothing else. But, seeing as how additional Sidekick shells can be had for $15 from T-Mo, Sidekick 2008 users can replace scuffed-up shells at a whim.

Overall, the Sidekick 2008 is exactly what we’d expect in a low-end Sidekick. In fact, the Sidekick 2008 surprises us with a healthy spec-sheet and decent styling – something you don’t see everyday in the entry-level market. Find the full review at Phone Arena.

[Via: Phone Arena]

  • Zak

    I still don’t know why someone would buy one of these!

  • ant-man

    Cuz iphones suk

  • fixitbaby09

    im not sure why > > ha that kid doesnt know sh** 🙂
    anyways im getting this phone real soon! && i la it! my frend has one ha were bestfriends && i la her too 😀 besides that x) im going to rock this babyyy!

    you know you la me “T

  • Brian

    I can’t wait to get it!
    Just 2 days from now…
    And I wrote this on my old
    Sidekick 3… bluh… boringgg!
    Can’t wait for the ’08!
    The Sidekick LX is sexy too…
    But… I’m going with the ’08!

  • DEE

    Got the phone;

    Um; its a great phone; very fun to play around with; I aint gonna lie…there could be somemore things added but its also fine just the way it is; I really had my eye on the LX.

    My boyfriend just got me this one tho! The only thing that irritates me is the whole JAVA thing…

    Anyone wanna help a girl out?



  • jeanette

    I love my phone sidekick 08 duh!!!

  • valerie

    i have this phone, it’s really cool. i love it a lot. (:
    it might not have flash & all that crap, but it takes REALLY good pictures. & it has video. 😀


  • stephanie

    Well I myself have the sidekick 08** this is the first sidekick I ever had.. I recommend the 08 to girls since its a very small phone. Guys get the LX.. Has pretty much the same features… I love my 08 sooo much… its worth every penny… hmmm will their b a sidekick 09???? Lmao …. qet at me if any questions bout the 08— oxbabiixo9

    • anna

      im thinking about getting the sidekick 2008 but da only issue is dat i keep reading revwies on the phone and even doe some ppl rly love it the negative ones get at me way harder. is this phone really dat gooD? ma las phone wus da sidekick 3 and going to the 2008 is a huge step considering the sidekick 3 came out in like 2006 so a 2yr upgrade, and anyways the sidekick 3 is a HUGE phone, i wud like a wayyy lighter one and i also heard the connection SUCKS, is this tru? i mean isnt it just t-mobile in general? like do u recieve ur text messages the moment they r sent or do u recieve some and get othrs like a day latr? i have so many questions haha, please hit me bck up!! thnks

  • keasyy!

    how much does it cost with a 2-year contract ?? i really want one hit me upp on aim — keamoneyy

  • Shakira marie

    this sounds like a really good phone..
    i was thinking about asking my dad to buy it for me for christmas but idunno becuase i know no one that has it..if you have it can you help me out..

  • jasmine

    i going to go get the 08 this week….i went phoneless for bout a month…im so excited!!!!lmao

  • Angel

    Pretty much a huge POS. I do not recommend it to anyone! My ancient RAZR could sync with my Mac – not the Sidekick 2008! The sliding “shell” comes off if you pick up the phone wrong, the Sidekick server is incredibly slow, there are no applications to open e-mail attachments, the speaker truly sucks, the bluetooth connectivity is just as bad. If you want a decent ringtone or background, you are forced to download it, and you can’t preview it on T-mobile’s website. The speaker and camera buttons are in just the right spot for you to press them while you are trying to text or talk, so prepare to go deaf. I have had major issues with the text messaging system – losing some of them, and then getting some that were three months old on the same day. Today, I had a major rebooting issue for no reason; I wasn’t even using the phone. Just pulled it out of my purse and it was malfunctioning! Steer clear of this phone! It’s a huge waste of money!

    • Taylor


      You are so wrong. I have the sidekick 08 and I love it… just because you bought yours from the hobo down the street and YOU got ripped off doesn’t mean you gotta give the wrong influence…the sidekick 08 works fine…

      • Joe

        Your so retarded the sidekick 2008 BLOWS

  • rakkem

    Fukk da iphone da sidekick is da best phone so fukk all yall haterz

  • Mota


  • malikah

    I’m gettin my sidekick™ 08 today & I’m so excited 😀

  • SaShA

    im getting this phone next week! omg i cant wait i just want to get the phone now then buy different types of shells to customize it ughh i want it s0o badd lol .. im just s0o excited

  • Blak3

    I totally agree this phone rox I’m writing this on it right now… love the 08 it rox

  • will

    I wnt 1 but I also wnt the g1 I just might get both bc I cnt deside,,(useing the side kick 3)yeaaa

  • nicole

    I luv this phone.I was startin to like the lx but im likin the 08 more.

    • joshua

      I am typing this on the sidekick 2008 and I love my phone, it does everything. I hope you went with the 2008! I paid $109.00 for mine at the t-mobile kiosk. How much did you pay?

  • stephanie

    hey um i really want to get an upgrade bcuz i trully hate the sidekick slide.
    can anyone tell me how much the sidekick 08 cost? plz i really need to know
    answer on the aim flow -XXmoneybabe24XX-peace!!

  • Nikki

    The sidekick 08 is a completly new design of a mobile phone its sophisticated eay acsess on internet and it is much much smaller than the past sidekicks so i call this the best one out of them all but no dobt more and more sidekicks will come out and probally get smaller and smaller as more come out . so if you like the internet on the move than get one because this one i say is the best buy one from either tmobile.co.uk or ornage for about £97 because i got one couple of days ago and it is bloody BRILLIANT!

  • Nikki

    Hi Stephanie

    I am a former worker for T-mobile and i just got the latest update on the Sidekick 08 and i just brought mysekf one 2days ago from t-mobile and because i worked there about 4weeks ago i still got the discount and it was only £57 for me but it would be £97 for you if you wanted to buy one from

  • chris.j

    I love my lx
    I was goin to get the 08 but I felt like I can break it in my hands
    (I think they made that 4 girlz)
    The only thing I hate is the slow web broswer 🙁
    Wut a drag
    Can sidekick lovers get some 3g over here

  • Anna Mas

    I’m saddened to see this labeled as a low-budget phone. Yes, it feels like one now, but spending $200 on a cell phone for me(24 year old recent college grad) is NOT low-budget!!!

    I got a better deal out of Sidekick ID, which I acquired for measly 40 bucks. As far as texting goes, the ID has MUCH better buttons: more tactile, very responsive, and it enables you to type extremely fast after some practice. I cannot type as fast on the Sidekick 08!! I’m very frustrated and disappointed. I paid a lot more for it, so I expected a bit more. The buttons don’t stick out as much and are very HARD to press fast. It really slows me down and is agitating!! I definitely like the idea of Sidekick, so maybe I’ll try the LX next, since that’s the most expensive one.

    The screen is also not very durable: I’ve only had this phone for a few months and use it gently, and the screen doesn’t always go back properly. Meaning that it’s only a matter of months, if not weeks, before I have screen problems.

    I love the slenderer design, but durability HAS been greatly sacrificed.

    Bottom line: if you think you’re “upgrading” from Sidekick ID by getting the Gekko, you’re not. So what, 08 version has an average camera and cool switchable covers. You need bright lighting and hold the phone VERY STILL in order to get a picture worth sending.

    Overall, my expectations were higher for a phone of $200 or so (release price, I know it went down since). Day-to-day functionality matters MUCH more than sale gimmicks of custom covers, camera and music player. Because after the novelty of a new phone wears off in a week and you’re stuck with sore thumbs and a poorly rotating screen, those “sweet” covers won’t make a darn difference.

  • aliya

    Well I had the 08 and had many problems with it..I had to send it baq 5 times since I got it….it feezes and iz sometimes very slow…da lx is way better..I just got da lx so im really happy with it…I had problems with da textin with mi 08…also wen makin a ? I had so much trouble …ugh..plz dnt waste ur money on da 08..

  • avey : )

    ok so i just got this fone and annaz so right like the screen is buggen it like stops goin all the way around so im just waiting to get scrren problems and ill upgrade to the lx

  • avey : )

    o9 sidekick will be 3g and or similar to the lx but even slimmer with touch screen this will probably b the main stream fone of 09

  • lovergirl310

    i have this phone for abt a week now and i simply love it!
    get it youll stand out with the changable shells!

  • Sweet like Honee’

    The sidekick is a total waste of money! I ould not suggest this phone to anyone! The text messaging SUCKS! Sometimes I do not get messages AT ALL! The phone re-boots without me commanding it to do so! I sent that phone back under the manufacture’s warranty. This phone is definitely a waste of money that I worked hard as hell for!!!!!!

  • moneyman

    im gettin this fone on feb.7.09!!!

  • Tara

    Well, I’ve had my sidekick 08′ since october, and I STILL love it!
    I mean yeah, it’s got a few things that get on my nerves, but what phone’s perfect?!
    The buttons are a little weird and small, but I got used to them!
    If you get it, I don’t think you’ll regret it.

  • ryan22

    does any1 knw hw 2 unlck dis fone 4 cingular?

  • Veronica

    This is not the best phone. It gets very hot when you make a phone call and the batery life is horrible. The music player is okay, but drains the battery. The internet is actually somewhat fast and easy to use but the apps and such are very expensive. The texting is very nice with the full qwerty keypad. But the worst of all is that the phone constantly needs to reboot itself. It has a message that you must contact customer care, but customer care does nothing about it. I’ve been through five of these and they’ve done nothing to help me. Instant messaging is also very slow and drains the battery fast. The camera has horrible quailty and sometimes I never recieve picture messages.

    Great for texting
    Internet is fast
    Music player

    Camera and video quality is terrible
    Constant rebooting
    Slow IM
    Expensive apps
    Bad battery life
    Constant freezing
    Slow e-mail
    Giant, screen is small.

  • sasha

    im getting the sk 08 for my bday. im so so so so excited i herd that from other people t hatt it is really good!! im getting it in about 4 months on july 1st so yyyyyyyyaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

  • sasha

    i am really looking forward to it!!!!!

  • thomas davis

    i like that sidekick its kool so yea my papi say that i can get a sidekick on my b-day

  • hayley

    I just got the sidekick for my birthday. It is a really great device. It is very easy to text on, the first time I did I barely looked at the keyboard. Yes, the speaker phone is a little soft, but it is not really a big deal. If your surroundings are quiet, you should have no trouble hearing. The size is very nice, it is easy to hold and use. The device is very personalizable, the only down bit is that you can’t really design your menu, but again, no big deal. For example, instead of hitting a button and it going to your text messages, you have to click another to say either ‘Text Message’ or ‘Picture Message’. And the internet is very fast and easy to use.
    Over all I think this is a great phone, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a phone with quick texting capabilities. Yes, adults, it may be centered around kids, but I am sure you would like it, too.

    Hope this helps!

  • ladonna

    I recently purchased a sidekick 08 and I do not recommend this phone to no one. Because it does freezes up a lot and needs to reboot a lot. I had problems with this phone the first month I bought the phone and I am still having problems getting into the applications and my trackball gets stuck a lot. I feel tmobile should not sell this phone anymore they should take it off the market cause its a bullshit phone and its not worth the price I paid. I had more fun on a plain slide phone cause I had less problems. Also tmobile is full of shit cause they act like they can’t help you with a lot of problems I have with this phone.

  • ladonna

    I would not recommend this phone to no one because I had so many problems with this phone within the first month I got the phone. And customer care don’t offer no help they truly ain’t worth shit. Anyway the phone reboots by itself a lot and the internet is slow ass hell. Also, I can’t even get into the applications and the track ball always get stuck so that means this phone is a piece of shit. They could have made a better phone for the price I paid for this phone I done better getting a g1 phone.

  • dave

    i have sk08 i think its ok phone.. my phone never restart it self.i be selling my sk08 soon going get sk09. cuz i want 3g internet.. phone is like $420 if u buy it out right

  • Joe

    OK… My sister just bought one right?.. Well believe it or not she is having many many problems
    i will name them;
    1:It freezes involuntarily
    2:The trackball stopped working
    3:When it died, You could see the screen when it was off… and there was a big red X through the screen and a whole bunch of writing.
    4:It turned back on when she charged it, but it shut off again and did the stuff all over again.

  • Sidekicker

    Ok, I just got the sidekick 08 yesterday 4 my bday and it is incredible. I love the pic and video quality, it is very fun 2 slide, the qwerty keyboards letters r small but u will get used 2 it. I luv using the changable shells, and the mouse is very handy. The speaker is a mouse 2. Sometimes I go somewhere that I didnt try 2 go by using the mouse. You can lock it…very fun game(s). I cant rlly say much since i just got it yesterday, but very very fun 4 hardcore texters like me!

  • luis

    Cuz it’s hot dats y ….duhh!!!

  • Genesis

    u know wat i want so badly a sidekick lx or a sidekick 08 Lol 😀

  • Chrissy

    I totally agree!! The Sidekick 2008 sucks!! Tmobile should be embarassed for selling them! They are peices of junk that have all kinds of problems and Tmobile does nothing to help you, they keep sending you different sidekicks that have other problems!! This was my first time using Tmobile, once my contract is up it will cancelled because of the Sidekick 2008!! It has ruined my life!!

  • Chrissy


  • tia

    i agree worst phone ever. i bought it from the store not from a hobo. it sucks especially if you dont have internet with it which is an extra 20 dollars per month and without internet you can’t get any ringtones or wallpapers cuz you can’t buy them online and i cant even get to tzones..i wanted one soooo badly for over a year and finally i got it the first week or so i loved it but then i noticed how you really cant do anything with it..

  • Chelsea

    I loved my sidekick the only thing i didn’t like was that you couldnt watch videos and that you could only download the t mobile ringtones and that sometimes picture messages took forever to get to the person you were sending them too. I’m not sure if this is just because of where I live, but I also had quite a few problems with the service. the first year i had tmobile my signal was pretty decent but then all of a sudden my signal would just randomly go out for no reason. Also if your like me and just drop phones constantly it sucks cause my sidekick wont ever turn on anymore and the battery is only a year old and is shot already. Otherwise i loved it to death

  • Tarah

    i love this phone from a 1 to a 10 its about a 9.but just because of the LX but i like it and its only about 99.99$ if you have been on tmobile for 2 years.

  • Stephy

    Okay. The only reason that the sidekick 2008 has problems is because you little sukcers don’t know how to buy it or use it carefully. It is like handling a baby. I got the sidekick 2008 in September of 2008. I had no problems at all. It didn’t even reboot itslef once. All my friends had it and for all of them the maximum times it rebooted is about 2. In June of 2009 I got the Sidekick LX 2009, let me tell you. It is a peice of shit. It has so many problems. All my friends said the same thing. The internet is faster than the 2008 but the 2009 deletes my contacts and readds them and it is so mental. So now next week for christmas im getting the 2008. Can you believe I had to downgrade because the 3G phone is crap. Oh and the operator at T-MO said that the 2009 phone has complications because they tried to put everything on it. But i personally love the 2008! I can’t wait to get it again!

  • connor

    im trying to decide if i shuud get the lx or 08 for suggetiona aim me-najeecash

  • Jen

    I’ve had my sidekick 08 since September 2008…Fastforward to now and im upgrading. My sidekick worked great. It did not fail me once thru the great sidekick failure in 2009. But now, after every other sidekick in the world going haywire last year, its starting to act up. It started with going from great signal to no signal to emergency calls only and back to great signal without me moving from my chair! After that the battery started dying a lot faster from constantly searching for signal. The next problem happened while I was on the internet. The screen turned black and was like the phone was off. Then went to the start up screen and turned black again. It will continue to do this until I either remove the battery or plug in the charger. Mind you that before the screen went black it had a full charge but acts like its not charged. While I was working one night shift, my phone had a full charge and turned off like it does when a battery is dead. So 4 hours later on my break. I went to the restroom and felt the phone vibrate. I pull it out and now it says it has a full battery!
    My sidekick 2008 was a great phone in my opinion for close to two years. I would keep it if it didnt start giving me hell this past month or so. Sorry tmobile, I’ve been a loyal customer for close to 5 years now, but the problems with the sidekicks have got to go. I love the sidekicks but I think I’ll stay away from them from now on just to save myself a headache.

  • christine

    Why would anyone take anybody else’s advice about how much they dislike this phone, when they don’t even use proper spelling and grammar? “It sucks!” , “It’s a piece of shit” Is that all you know? At least have a valid reason. What are half of you doing with your phone anyway? My Sidekick ’08 works fine.

  • suraj

    does da 08 hav aim someone reply 2 me on when im on aim choasavenger97! I need to go mobile

  • Keith

    side kick phones are the best including the slide the newsidekick and the 08 with selecteble shells thats whats up hahaha

  • Keith

    does the sidekick 08 internet use up the minutes on the phone is it free? cause i forgot

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