iPhone 3G hits melting-point, burns sleeping dude’s leg

iPhone 3G overheating - melting and burning skinThe iPhone 3G is the new hotness. It’s so hot, in fact, that iPhone 3G hopefuls are still hitting backorder-walls at Apple Stores nationwide, three weeks after its initial global launch. But, we’re speaking in metaphorical terms here.

Metaphorical terms, that is, unless you’re MacForums user LonginottiFilms. He’s apparently had his iPhone 3G get so hot that it started to warp the casing and gave him a nasty burn where the sun don’t shine. The guy apparently fell asleep with the iPhone 3G in his pocket, and woke up to a burning sensation on his leg.

iPhone 3G overheating - melting and burning skin

Lo and behold, he found that his iPhone 3G was so hot that the casing had warped and bulged out. He was left with a nice little iPhone 3G-sized burn mark on his thigh.

Push email, 3G, and screen was set to auto-lock after a minute, so intense data transfers couldn’t have caused the iPhone 3G in question to overheat to skin-burning temps.

iPhone 3G overheating - melting and burning skin

Perhaps the li-ion battery was in the early stages of overheating and discharging? Has anyone else experienced overheating issues with their iPhone 3G?

iPhone 3G overheating - melting and burning skin

[Via: MacRumors]

  • Rezanator

    Yup. Leave GPS on and the damn thing will cook whatevers in contact with it. At least my unit does, dunno if I should get it replaced or whether its normal.

  • ALEX

    so if i want blue one i need it to overheat and gve me a third degree burn…..

  • geniusdog

    The phone is actually a standard black 3g, hold one up to a REALLY bright light and it appears blue.

  • Freddy

    Yes strange Apple and Telia in sweden only say
    he can only blaim him self because the iPhone burn up.

    The only thing Apple/Telia said was Sorry u need pay your contract for 18 months , and the dude dont even have a i? phone…

  • Tad

    I actually felt my phone through my handbag today – I had not used my 3g iphone hardly at all this morning and while shopping felt a burning sensation and it was the phone i felt through my handbag!!!

  • Nikki

    I have gone through 5 iphone 3G’s in the past 3 days. They have all caught on fire. I’m done with iphone’s. Hopefully AT&T can give me a different phone

  • Thomson

    But Apple warn now that you cant use the iphone 3GS if it be hot or cold and dont listen to music if it be a sunny day . They say you can only use the iphone if it be between 0-35 degree but lot of report says it be hot as a iron in almost any temprature .

    Dont Apple need to return all iphone 3gS ?

  • Mel

    I am from Germany, my I Phone was burning too, when it was plugged to my working PC for charging!!! When I wanted to pick it up to call a customer I had to throw it away, because it was so hot that I could not touch it! I tried to cool it down and I saw that the display had a big burning inside. I went to a T-Point (Shop) to get a new one and they sent it to the repair service. They want me to pay for a new one, because my phone has a scratch and because of that I had this “technical defect”. Sorry, but I am not stupid, I had to throw it away, because it was so f… hot, because of that there is a scratch! So I sent a complaint to all: Apple, T-Mobile, Telekom, repair service (dat repair GmbH). I will not accept it. I found so many different stories about burning I-Phones, it was not my fault and I want a new one! It's really a true bareness. It worked only one year and until today it wasn't that hot in Germany that a phone starts to burn suddenly. It can't be that it starts to burn in my apartment. How dangerous is that?! And I have to pay 600 Euros for a phone which only works one year?! I copied all links I could found in the web about burning I-Phones and sent together with my written complaint. I will not give up until I will have a new phone for ZERO Euros, because it’s an Apple problem!

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