Latest Sony Ericsson Walkman phones previewed

Latest Sony Ericsson Walkman phones previewed

Lucky folks of PhoneArena had their lucky hands on the latest Sony Ericsson Walkman phones – the W302, W595 and W902. Devices they scored are prototype units, but they drew some conclusions, nonetheless.

Here’s what they think about each on of the devices:

  • W302 – “a very cute budget solution from the Walkman series, mainly offering a very attractive design.”
  • W595 – “…the key feature which will help it repeat W580’s success is the attractive design.”
  • W902 – “…thanks to the promising 5-megapixel camera, it could become a rival of the new mid-level cameraphones, and thus transforming in a good multimedia device.”

Click the model name above to read the full preview.

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