iPhone 3G SIM unlock gets real – Hardware SIM unlock to ship for iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G hardware SIM unlock solutionAT&T might have the exclusive rights to hock iPhones, specifically iPhone 3Gs, in the US, but that doesn’t mean the iPhone 3G has to be tied down a specific carrier (although, to be fair, AT&T is arguably the best GSM carrier in the US). iPhone 3G customers looking to use their new toy on GSM networks abroad or with unofficial GSM carriers in their own country will be looking to unlock their handset one way or another. The elusive iPhone 3G SIM-unlock solution has been shown off in software and hardware form on numerous occasions, but we’ve been hard pressed to find any of the iPhone 3G unlock solutions readily available to the consuming public.

That’s all changed with the announcement from USB Fever that they’l be shipping the first viable hardware-based SIM unlock solution for the iPhone 3G. Starting August 20, USB Fever will be shipping a “revolutionary do-it-yourself Plug & Play card for unlocking iPhone 3G without the risk of damaging the iPhone 3G or voiding it’s warranty. This SIM unlock is inserted into the iPhone 3G in parallel with your operator’s SIM card and enables you to use your card on phones locked to another provider.”

iPhone 3G users wary about cutting away a portion of the SIM card may want to wait for a less intrusive, and free, software-based unlock solution. But, for the more adventurous out there, the hardware unlock should fit the bill just fine. Speaking of bills, this particular unlock method will run you $35 from USB Fever.

[Via: iPhone Atlas]

  • Shawn

    Yer it just plugs in…

  • John

    I am in Bangkok and just bought the hardware solution mentioned. It doesn’t work with my danish SIM-card.

  • Deiredre

    Theses unlocks (like MoogleX) do not work. Some are too thick for the tray and break the tray when you try to remove them. I tried the unlocks with my AT&T Sim on the AT&T network. They should at least work with AT&T, right? But, no,they don’t.

  • Angel

    my name is angel and well im thinking about buying an iphone, so I contacted cindy from magicsim.com to get info on how I can go about doing this. First of she was very rude gave short answers to which really did not answer my questions, she continually said and i quote “We only sell wholesale” and thats it. Anyways im still thinking about buying and iphone so if anyone has a website where I can get ONLY 1 please let me know. On a side note also i would like it to be recent as in the newest thing im from the USA, Arizona.

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