Rumor revisited: Apple iPhone Nano slated for Q4 2008 launch?

Here we go again. Apple is still a one-trick pony in the mobile space. They have their flagship, their only ship really, the iPhone 3G. Sure, the first-generation iPhone is still circulating, but the form-factors and features are nearly identical. Apple really only has one significant mobile phone offering with their iPhone 3G in a wireless market that rewards diversity with market share andApple iPhone Nano revenue.

The publishing of certain patent applications paired with Apple’s lack of handset diversity have led analysts to predict that Apple is working on an iPhone Nano – a pared-down iPhone with limited features compared to the iPhone 3G – for the entry-level iPhone user. Today, that rumor has been revisited.

The DailyMail cites an “industry source” in speculating that Apple is preparing to launch their iPhone Nano in time for the holiday shopping season – Q4 2008.  And, the rumor includes a price-point of £150 for the iPhone Nano on a pay-as-you-go plan from O2 in the UK.

The lower price point would attract even more iPhone buyers in the struggling global economy, as well as customers looking for a smaller, more compact iPhone variant.

Rumors of iPhone variants have been passed around many times before, only to fall flat. We’d recommend not holding your breath for the iPhone Nano, along with a helping of salt.

[Via: MacRumors]

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