LiMo Foundation picks up 11 new members

LiMo foundation logoWhen it comes to a Linux-based mobile platform, Google’s Android captures more than its fair share of the wireless industry’s attentions. The Android initiative is spearheaded by Google, after all.

But, that doesn’t mean Android is the only game in the Linux mobile market. In fact, while Android struggles with bad press from unfair developer partnerships that leave Google’s claim of an open mobile platform in doubt, and a complete lack of any real hardware to show the consuming public, the other Linux mobile initiative is gaining ground.

The LiMo Foundation has announced that they’ve recruited an additional 11 members to join the team. LiMo Foundation now boasts over 50 members that have signed on to develop applications and services for the group’s own special flavor of Linux mobile OS.

LiMo actually has a hand-up on Android with real, live handsets on market. As of now, 21 handsets are available running the LiMo Mobile platform.

“The new membership intake further extends LiMo’s reach in multiple dimensions: regionally, technologically and within the industry value system,” according to LiMo.

Bring on the Android-killers!

LiMo Foundation

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